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Havok, Beast & Banshee Get Their Due In These X-Men First Class Trailers

Which one's your favorite?

 Care Bear stare!
 Care Bear stare!

Matthew Vaughn’s already put out some rad comics-based flicks with KICK-ASS and STARDUST  (well, close enough)… I think we all should’ve given him some more faith while we were watching the development of FIRST CLASS. Every new trailer makes the movie look that much more appealing and these character spots (an evolution of character posters?) have kicked my anticipation up and over the cliff. Hard to believe it’s only about a month away from coming out, huh?

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Check out these spots from  MTV, along with my highly-astute notes and observations. If you can’t see them, refer to my screenshots above… == TEASER == 


  They identify Havok  as Alex Summers in this clip, so we know he’s got to be related to   Cyclops. However, we’ve already seen a young Cyke in the 80s in WOLVERINE, so I’m going to guess that they’ll change him to Scott’s older brother or uncle or cousin or (gasp!) father? Interestingly enough, they’ve made his plasma blasts red to look more like Cyclops’ optic blasts.


Looks like Beast is going to be working with Oliver Platt’s mysterious “Man in Black” for the government and, as I surmised with the second trailer, he’s going to be romancing Mystique (though it looks like she's doing all the romancing. Wow, she’s an aggressive girl.) Obviously, his bestial transformation’s going to be a big part of his arc, but will it be the result of a chemical drink-up or a secondary mutation?


  Manta ray suit accessories, ginger boy Banshee  is the most different out of the three here. You’ll recall that he was introduced to the X-Men as an adult, Irish terrorist who'd fallen astray after years as an agent of Interpol, not as a young, American lad with bad game. I’ll be curious if they end up explicitly linking him to Siryn’s cameo in X2.