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HARBINGER Vol 1: Omega Rising TPB & Jeff Lemire Variant Giveaway Contest

Valiant is giving away free stuff and you won't want to miss out on this!

Valiant has managed to accomplish the unthinkable: every title is a must read. Each series brings something different to the table, but what makes Joshua Dysart's HARBINGER so special is that it's a superb character driven tale. Oh, and did I mention there's a crazy assortment of powers, too? Bet that part got your attention.

Odds are quite a few of you aren't reading this despite my consistent praise. It's okay, I forgive you. The price tag is intimidating and we all have such a limited budget, so diving into new worlds is sometimes intimidating. But you now have a chance to catch up for free. 5 of you will soon become the proud owners of HARBINGER's first TPB and a copy of Jeff Lemire's (ANIMAL MAN, SWEET TOOTH) variant for issue #8.

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Entering is simple. Read the following question and then sound off below with your answer!

What would you do if you had Peter Stanchek's powers? Basically, that means you'll have insanely powerful psionic abilities. Also, I noticed his page is lacking, so you're welcome to go earn wiki points by giving it a hefty update!

  • Five winners will be selected and the BEST ANSWERS will win.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Sorry duders, but Comic Vine's lawyers insist the contest only applies to those in the United States.
  • The contest will begin immediately and end Friday, January 25, 2013 at 5:00 pm ET.

Here's all of the fun legal mumbo jumbo:

Good luck, everyone!  



The 5 winners have been sent a PM.  Check your inbox to see if you've won! 
Thank you for your submissions. Narrowing it down to just five was very tough!
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Avatar image for 2chimcha3
Posted By 2chimcha3

I'd go get rich playing poker.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Having Peter Stanchek's powers. Wow. That is a tough one and not so nearly cut and dry as having the 'good skin' of Aric. I mean, you have basically the full range of psionic based powers if you were at Stanchek's levels. Telepathy. Telekinesis. Mind control. Teleportation. Flight. High intellect. Well I'm going to go out on a limb here and emphasize one of the powers that few know he has. As an Omega Harbinger, Peter is able to not only tap into a wide array of psionic abilities but also can activate latent Harbinger potential in others.

In my opinion that is something that I would use if I were endowed with Omega Harbinger abilities on par with Stanchek's power. It would be rather selfish of me to just want all power to myself and use my powers for any random or partial purpose, whether reading minds or wanting to pick up an object from afar. No no, being that my mind thinks of the bigger picture, I would be inclined to use my Omega Harbinger ability to activate the Harbinger potential in others and usher in an era of mankind as a race of noble power-holders, a new "age of wonders" or even "golden age" even if those terms seem outdated and anachronistic. It would be for the betterment of mankind after all and my powers would help people not only reach their inner potential but would teach them the ages old belief that responsibility comes with power. Sure, it seems almost like something "Heroes" inspired but I believe my power would do well to empower and inspire others to achieve great things rather than just resting on my laurels knowing I possess that power already. For is that not the greatest power of all? Better than allowing the Toyo Haradas of this world lead such people down a darker path I say.

Avatar image for michaeldavila
Posted By michaeldavila

If i had peter's powers i would want to really just live and love life. i would get into people's head to know what they want. try my hardest to satisfied them. i would never use my hands anymore for anything lol =). and i have alot of lucid dreams of flying so that's been a dream of mine(well any comic book reader) for as long as i can remember. i don't really have malice in my heart i don't think i would be a villain i would help the world.

also the lemire variant is a must have my LCS's dont carry alot of comics.

Avatar image for buff_beardo
Posted By buff-beardo

I would finally find out what my dog is thinking when she gives me the blank stare. It is very perplexing.

Avatar image for micah779
Posted By micah779

If I had Peter's powers then I would make bullies give up their lunch money!

Avatar image for icarusflies77
Edited By Icarusflies

If I had Peter's powers, I would walk through the streets with my eyes closed. I'd listen for the people who were feeling alone and lost, but could not talk about it. And I'd go up to each of them, look them right in the eye, and let them know that they were wanted, loved, and that everything would be okay.

I would learn how to telekinetically fly.

I would draw and sculpt using wielding the tools with my mind. I would base series of these pieces upon the most cherished or frightening memories of strangers.

I would force those without empathy to live a day as the ones they oppress or put down.

Avatar image for slimydog
Edited By slimydog

I would use them to bring out the psionic powers of certain psychic mediums (who can see/feel ghosts) to extend their current abilities for the good - unsolved missing persons, homicide cases, etc.

Avatar image for saltwater
Posted By Saltwater

I would levitate my car and fly around the country after quitting my job telepathically.

Avatar image for thelastword
Posted By thelastword

If I had Stancheck's powers, I would find out who Jake Ellis is.

Avatar image for mrplentl
Posted By MrPlentl

Easy answer.

Me and Flamingo on a beach in Mexico.

The End.

Avatar image for franksmapdi
Posted By franksmapdi

If I had Peter's powers, I'd go to comic cons and get the big-wig creators who have sticks up their butts to, well, remove them. Everyone would write comics that they wanted to write and, if they didn't want to write the book, they would step down. I'd also make it so that comic company executives think that comics should be 22 pages for $2.99 with variants only for special issues, like issue 1's, 25's, 50's, etc. Also, ALL books would go back to original numbering.

Lastly, I'd unlock the potential in the brain of Peter David to fix any damage the stroke may have caused.

Avatar image for justlookaway1
Posted By justlookaway1

If I had those powers the very FIRST thing I would do is read George R. R. Martin's mind and finally get some closure on A Song of Fire and Ice. The second thing I would do is activate some other Psiots, some people more responsible than me who could go about saving the world, righting wrongs, etc. Meanwhile, I would just cheat and fly to the top of Mount Everest. All of the view, none of the work.

Avatar image for llkeithll
Posted By llkeithll

I would use ol Pete's power of activating others latent powers. Mostly just friends and family. I am pretty sure everyone has dreamed of having super powers.

Avatar image for darthmat
Posted By Darthmat

Like Pete, I would awaken other people's powers. I could never predict the outcome of doing this, but this world would be so much exciting with super powered humans in it!

Avatar image for jthornto
Posted By jthornto

If I had Stanchek's powers, the first thing I would do would be to make all my credit card companies forget that I had balances...

Avatar image for 145evil
Posted By 145evil

I would possess the Patriots and actually make them a great team.

Avatar image for kingdomenic
Posted By kingdomenic

First thing's first. I would make Fox bring back Firefly. That would ensure my status as some sort of Lord of the Nerds. Then I would read Grant Morrison's mind so I could understand what the hell any of his stories are supposed to be about. Followed by some sort of sports fixing for personal and gambling reasons. And then I would retire to a private island where I would make the writers of Comicvine bring me comics and movies and listen to me rant about what I love and hate.

Avatar image for rale
Posted By Rale

First I would travel the world, visiting all politicians of notable influence, and force them to confess publicly the wrongs they have committed towards their people during their stay in office. I would leave it up to the people whether not they would stay. I would make the rounds doing this every couple years, and with any luck, it would weed out the devious, and hopefully a more noble and honest lot of world leaders would present themselves.

Second, I would take a lecture tour of universities, presenting comic books as a credible medium for ALL ages. I would only use my power here to draw larger numbers to the lecture, the concept can speak for itself. I would also use my powers to get those who come in thinking comics are a load of garbage to focus and actually give the lecture their genuine attention.

Avatar image for labtech1
Posted By Labtech1

With Peters powers it would be hard not to do whatever you want to. With that being said, I would use Psychic powers for the forces of good...probably, I mean having people wait on you hand and foot is good right? When that got board I'd do the whole super hero bit, just no tights!

Avatar image for tannerman
Edited By Tannerman

With the psionic ability to read others' minds, I'd finally find out the real story of what happened to the original Valiant while being able to see what new Valiant has in store for the future!

Avatar image for pixierosa
Posted By pixierosa

With psionic powers, I would do my best not to abuse them for my own purposes, but everything we do is done based on our past experiences. Intentions and actions are frequently different. That said...

I'd try to save the world from humans. Halt the eradication and man-made mutation of nature. Promote unity with the environment and green living.

I'd want to learn every language in use. Read and understand the text of books (or stories handed down from orators) from every civilization. Gain a world view.

I'd create art, gesturing with my mind. Carve stone, mold clay, paint, photograph that which is hard to reach my normal means. I'd make music, explore rhythm and melodies and what my capabilities could do with it.

I'd moderate negotiations with world leaders, powerful industries,,, helping them to reveal their truths, their motivations, and hopefully, gain some real understanding so better decisions can be made by them and in the future, by the people who elect these representatives.

I'd explore medicine, finding ways to isolate diseases on a molecular level, learn how to excise the bad. Cure cancer. Aids. Autism. Cystic Fibrosis... on and on. Find solutions without drugs. Find ways to communicate with those who can't. Cure comas.

Block mental impulses of sexual predators and domestic abusers.

Ease the mental anguish of victims.

Promote a shared mental empathy between all peoples, religions, political parties... they don't have to agree, but they don't need to be violent in words and actions.

For my enjoyment, I'd fly - untethered, feeling the rush of air around me. Soar, swoop, and hopefully feel free of the weight of the responsibility of power. Hopefully win this contest. Earning a Harbinger Gold would be pretty spectacular, too.

When I finished saving the world through my eyes, I'd find someone to save it from me.

And eat tacos everyday.

Avatar image for russell326
Posted By russell326

People seem to lack the ability to see the world from other people's perspective. Having Peter's abilities, the first thing I'd do is to put a mental trigger in the heads of hateful, violent people that causes them to experience life from the perspective of the person or group they hate the most.

If that doesn't work, there's always a mass mental block that keeps people from being able to harm each other. If they try, they become violently ill. Argue all day long, but it'll never come to blows or mass violence again.

Avatar image for kevinbastos
Posted By kevinbastos

First, I would think of my own children. Their future, etc. Financial stability, hope, future. I'd spend time in cancer wards, too. My Dad dies from lung cancer two years ago, and I would want to help them, and give them hope.

Now, I am suddenly reminded of Steve Martin's 5 Christmas Wishes... If you don't remember, stop reading my inane droning and go and listen to that. On youtube. Now. And forward a copy of this to my wife, as well. Along with a Stanchek-sized directive to follow along my directions. And some garbage about kids, too.

And, of course, I would force everyone else to be interested in buying Valiant comics - but specifically Harbinger... But have no interest in the variants, at least from the start... so I could find copies of all of them without jumping through hoops, purchasing extra copies, ripping through ebay, and driving all around town.

And, all of the children to join hands and sing together. But after that thing about my wife, and the variants, and Harbinger, too.

Avatar image for ianalexavier
Posted By Ianalexavier

If I had Petes powers I think I would use them for good. Id like to help people heal from emotional stress and pain. Make the world a better place one person at a time. Of course, I may end up thinking that one person at a time isnt enought which would cause some ethical dilemmas. Leading people to healing or forcing them to heal the way I think they should? What about the bad guys? Some sort of justice? How? I wouldnt want to be mean.. but there should be compensation.

Avatar image for astonishing_arome
Posted By astonishing_arome

I would use my powers to win this contest.

Avatar image for chriskay99
Posted By chriskay99

I'd convince my boss I was sitting at my desk all day, and then head off to the beach.

Avatar image for tarheelmarine
Posted By tarheelmarine

If I had Stanchek's powers I would ensure I had micro-brewed beer on tap in my house at all times. In addition, Project Rising Spirit would receive more funding to ensure it defeats Toyo Harada.

Avatar image for dlip316
Posted By dlip316

with that amount of power, im afraid of what might happen. obviously the first thing someone should do is something good, something just. however, i have a terrible feeling i would not go down that path. the temptation would be to strong to ignore and i would give in to that so called "dark side."

getting close to someone influential or important enough to torment wouldnt be easy but with careful training of the powers and you could do it. take their terrible or powerful secrets and gain leverage. you would be protected from backstabbing obviously with the powerful gift.

there only thing to worry about is too much power. not being able to shut it off, not being able to handle all the different voices in your head. maybe there would be a way around it but that would be to easy.

Avatar image for impossibilly
Posted By impossibilly

I'd fly to the office. The subway just seems so passe when you can fly. Yes, I'd still keep my job, but I think these powers would come in handy to help pass the day. Someone needs help on something? Suddenly they feel the need to get help from someone else...freeing me up to come on Comic Vine more often. Printer is out of paper? Forget about walking down the hall for more. I'd TK some reams over to my desk. I'd also wear more bow ties. I don't wear them as often as I like because regular ties are easier for me to tie. But if I could tie a bow tie with my mind? Oh yeah, I'd be sitting pretty if I was Pete Stanchek.

The big downside would be hearing everyone's thoughts. It's bad enough hearing what makes it past their filters and out of their mouths.

Avatar image for andthisjustin76
Posted By andthisjustin76

I would use my powers to bring down Marvel & DC... nuff said!!

Avatar image for jaden14
Posted By jaden14

If I had Peter’s powers, it seems that the possibilities are endless, but I will just list two that are high on my list. I would seek my own amusement while hoping to help others with my gifts; I would play the background in all endeavors, not wanting fame or notoriety. First up, I would instill in the minds of politicians and the corporate media talking heads the overwhelming need to be truthful; this should make for some enlightening news segments, fascinating interviews, and interesting policy debates. The ratings for the news would skyrocket. Second on the list would be to head to Wall Street and shift the banksters overwhelming need for money and love of Greed to a need to do no harm to others and a love of service and then I would just sit back and watch what happens on Wall Street and to our global society as a result. Can you even imagine watching a bunch of bankers compete among themselves to feed the hungry and house the homeless?

Imagine all the bankers, Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer…

Avatar image for schnuth
Posted By schnuth

I'd like to think I'd do something noble and worthwhile with those types of powers, but who am I kidding? I'd rig the lottery and live on easy street the rest of my days! :)

Avatar image for lennit
Posted By lennit

I know this won't win because it isn't clever or funny or witty...but I have to be honest. If I had his power I'd use it to get congress to BAN all firearms. PERIOD.

Avatar image for robpatey
Posted By RobPatey

I would convert myself to pure energy, go back to the Mid 90s, and mind wipe any thoughts of foil covers, die cuts, print overruns and speculator hype from the comic creators and community so I would be receiving a copy of Jeff Lemire's HARBINGER 475 Variant Cover.

Avatar image for therunner
Posted By therunner

I feel like my first acts with such powers would be selfish... women, money, fame, power. I can only hoe I would quickly move from that to great acts which would benefit the world

Avatar image for secretsubscriber
Posted By secretsubscriber

If I had Peter Stanchek's, I would of course find some way to make myself financially comfortable. Who's not dreaming of leaving the 9-5 world. But, the beauty in Peter's power's comes in the vast psychic ability. I get the impression from what I've read, if he opens himself up he could read thoughts from miles away, maybe globally. This reminds me of the Highlander, where the Prize was the ability to read the thoughts of everyone in the world. I think i'd go into investigative journalism. Get to the truth, find evidence to back it up, publish it, avoid assassination attempts, throw the world into chaos, debunk the cover ups. The book deals alone should be immense.

Avatar image for mataxis
Posted By mataxis

First, I would make all X-Men readers read Harbinger. Then I'd make Conan and Iron Man readers try X-O. Then Punisher fans would read bloodshot. And on and on. I would not force them to love Valiant, because I learned in the first arc that making people love you is just plain wrong (Kris is still mad about that). But, I'm confident that once I've forced them to read an arc or two they will love Valiant of their own volition, because Valiant books are just that good.

Avatar image for brucehartshorn
Posted By brucehartshorn

With those powers I would head to Washington, go to Congress, and edit their minds so they would do the job we hired them for and get this country going again!!!!!!

Avatar image for rmac
Posted By rMac

Frankly put, I'd head over to Dark Horse and convince them to continue publishing Turok, Solar, and Magnus to make me reliving the heady days of Valiant's first incarnation the complete experience.

Avatar image for petecole3335
Posted By petecole3335

If I had Pete's powers, I would acquire the legal rights to Magnus and Solar so they could jump back onto the valiant bandwagon that they helped create in the first place! Long Live the Valiant Universe!

Avatar image for fatherjoe1104
Posted By fatherjoe1104

If I had Peter's powers I would become a lobbyist in Washington DC, but not JUST a lobbyist but the guy who puts Congressmen/women & Senators together with certain lobbyists. That may sound boring... but it isn't. These lobbyists would all work for lucritive companies who would pay me a 'finders fee' for the high power connections. I would be able to read minds and change minds to think the way I would want them to. Essentially making what I call the "right" connections for a lot of money.

I wouldn't stop there either, I would 'push' the decisions of each lobby group and ellected official to suit my needs for MY future! Eventually, I would have control over large financial, retail, human rights, etc groups. I would at some point call in favors from these groups and require their backing (black mailing, if need be) as I make a move to become President myself. With large enough and wide range enough help, it would be no problem... especially with Peter's powers helping the decision making process for people!!!

The question then becomes... what would I do as the most powerful man in the most powerful country in the world? That is for me to know and you all to find out!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for skippyjohnson
Posted By Skippyjohnson

I would help those in need but make them forget it was me who helped. I hate the attention,fame, whatever. If anybody found out you had superpowers you would have the military,corporations,nut jobs,SyFy Channel coming after you for one reason or another.Who the Hell needs that?

Avatar image for therichardascott
Edited By TheRichardAScott

Attempt to not shart myself.

Avatar image for tony_masters
Posted By Tony_Masters

I thought long and hard about what I would do if I had Stanchek's powers, I had a list of 20 things I would do but I thought that was to much so I decided to turn it into a list of three.

  • I would become the greatest superhero ever! Creating world peace and making sure no child's cat is left unsafe in a tree again.
  • I would make everybody remember me as the dancing king that brought sexy back with my great new dance move called the "Vanilla Dream Shake."
  • Now the most important thing I would do with my new found powers would be make everybody give Valiant a chance, I enjoy all of their comics so far and i know other people will too if they would only give them a chance.

I dont think I am very creative with my powers but that is all I got.

Avatar image for gojira_rex
Posted By Gojira_rex

Simple. Do the best you can in whatever situation you have at hand. I would have to move since I basically live in a rather mundane area, although, with those kind of powers in Detroit (45 min away), I could do some serious damage. I could pretty much put the Motor City back on the map again and in a good way. Clear the streets of drugs, tear down buildings that are eyesores. Just make this city what it should be. And then... Move on to the next one.

Avatar image for onyxprimal
Posted By OnyxPrimal

What wouldn't I do? I would unite the world under my rule and be loved for being peace in our time. I would then give myself a cool nick name in quotation marks like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, etc. All of this would of course be a plot to get Free Xbox Live for the rest of my life.

Avatar image for geeksaremypeeps
Posted By GeeksAreMyPeeps

Pete's powers are tricky, because it would be far too easy to manipulate people, stripping their free will, while justifying it to oneself with the rationale that one is serving the greater good, but of course what that is differs from person to person. What I would do is remove the obstacles that keep people from pursuing their great ideas. Whatever it is that gives people leave to procrastinate on being productive…gone. Unfortunately that means too many people are going to have less time to read comics.

Avatar image for shawn_freehling
Posted By Shawn_Freehling

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." - Lord Acton

I think it would be easy to say that if you had Peter Stanchek's powers that you would do something heroic or noble with those abilities but I think that if I had Stanchek's powers the truth is that I would end up doing selfish and horribly destructive things with them. I can't imagine that I or anyone would be able to use any amount of self restraint for very long when you have the ability to read others minds, influence those minds, and control other's thoughts at will. Peter is proof of this as he has already selfishly abused Kris Hathaway and figured out that despite the humanitarian facade that Harada promotes, he too has succumbed to temptation and has been using his own psionic abilities to "bilk the system" by acquiring personal wealth and global influence to shape his own personal vision for humanity, despite Harada's casual dismissal of those claims in Harbinger #3.

Sadly, I think we would all end up very much like the little boy in the classic Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life". Despite any noble intentions at the beginning of discovering psionic powers, I think we would all slip into a state of personal indulgence and gratification. Kris Hathaway's role of the reluctant companion provides a very effective and constant reminder of Peter's lack of restraint as we begin to learn if The Bleeding Monk's prophecy will come true and Peter Stanchek is indeed the Great Destroyer.

Avatar image for k4tzm4n
Posted By k4tzm4n

THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! I'll review all of the entries and announce the winners early next week!


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