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HARBINGER Vol 1: Omega Rising TPB & Jeff Lemire Variant Giveaway Contest

Valiant is giving away free stuff and you won't want to miss out on this!

Valiant has managed to accomplish the unthinkable: every title is a must read. Each series brings something different to the table, but what makes Joshua Dysart's HARBINGER so special is that it's a superb character driven tale. Oh, and did I mention there's a crazy assortment of powers, too? Bet that part got your attention.

Odds are quite a few of you aren't reading this despite my consistent praise. It's okay, I forgive you. The price tag is intimidating and we all have such a limited budget, so diving into new worlds is sometimes intimidating. But you now have a chance to catch up for free. 5 of you will soon become the proud owners of HARBINGER's first TPB and a copy of Jeff Lemire's (ANIMAL MAN, SWEET TOOTH) variant for issue #8.

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Entering is simple. Read the following question and then sound off below with your answer!

What would you do if you had Peter Stanchek's powers? Basically, that means you'll have insanely powerful psionic abilities. Also, I noticed his page is lacking, so you're welcome to go earn wiki points by giving it a hefty update!

  • Five winners will be selected and the BEST ANSWERS will win.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Sorry duders, but Comic Vine's lawyers insist the contest only applies to those in the United States.
  • The contest will begin immediately and end Friday, January 25, 2013 at 5:00 pm ET.

Here's all of the fun legal mumbo jumbo:

Good luck, everyone!  



The 5 winners have been sent a PM.  Check your inbox to see if you've won! 
Thank you for your submissions. Narrowing it down to just five was very tough!
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Avatar image for dondave
Edited By dondave

Why do I live in the UK?! Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy?!

Avatar image for lordrequiem
Posted By LordRequiem

More discrimination against the UK for giveaways I see.

Avatar image for ddangelico
Posted By DDangelico

Hmmm. Well, I would pretty much read BKV's mind and steal story ideas. Unethical I know. But I wouldn't steal Saga spoilers, the book is just too much fun to read each month!

Never read Harbinger but I'm definitely interested, and I'm a huge Lemire fan and that variant is sweet!! Hope I win!! ;-)

Avatar image for markrosehfx
Posted By MarkRoseHFX

I would use Pete's powers to make the winner mail me the Lemire variant to Canada :)

Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

more reacisim from CV competition :) I kid I kid.

I already have the issues anyway so I'd leave it for someone new to the book to win

Avatar image for exithuman
Posted By exithuman

Be careful. Having that much power could really corrupt you.

Avatar image for arevish
Posted By Arevish

Sorry duders, but Comic Vine's lawyers insist the contest only applies tothose in the United States.

Mamma Mia! This is so unfair! ç_ç

Avatar image for evanblasor
Posted By evanblasor

I never read Valiant titles before, so when they relaunched, with all of the Now and New 52 everywhere I couldn't squeeze them in. Everything looks like it's been done really well, so I'd say I missed out - this would be a great shot to give them a chance, I'd love to win.

If I had psionic abilities I'd like to think I'd use them for good, but in the end I'd rob banks and get people to give me cool stuff. Think Emma Frost from the Hellfire Club, but with sweatpants and less cleavage.

However, there'd still be some good in me, deep down. So if I won the first TPB I'd mail the Lemire variant to MarkRose. That would make me even in the world for all the theft and manipulation, right?

Avatar image for reignmaker
Edited By Reignmaker

I would posses the mind of Donald Trump and have him fire himself streaming live over the Internet. For the sheer fun of it.

Avatar image for markrosehfx
Posted By MarkRoseHFX

@evanblasor: lol you would be MY hero at the very least

Avatar image for beware_cyclops
Posted By Beware_Cyclops

I'd use Pete's powers to have those lawyers open up this contest to residents of Canada!!!

Avatar image for blur1528
Posted By blur1528

Psionic powers? Create my own sidekick and have the absolute best time before either one of us dies by getting shot or the series is cancelled.

Avatar image for hancock89
Edited By Hancock89
@K4tzm4n: the staff should consider extending the giveaways to Canada too... we are your friendly neighbors! This is not fair!
Avatar image for mr__kamikaze
Posted By Mr. Kamikaze

If I had powerful psionic powers, I would of course make myself rich and manipulate a bunch of saves and live like a king and no would be able to touch me. Yeah, that is exactly what I would do!

Avatar image for dhudson1
Posted By dhudson1

I would use it to make the House, Senate and President work together for the good of the country rather than the good of their political parties

Avatar image for loki2u
Posted By Loki2u

@Hancock89 said:

@K4tzm4n: the staff should consider extending the giveaways to Canada too... we are your friendly neighbors! This is not fair!

I don't even know why I bother clicking on these give away articles. Lol

I don't think its legalities as much as shipping costs or something. If they let Canada participate, then they have to let other countries participate and then its just a hassle.

Avatar image for mfaith
Posted By mfaith

If I had those psionic powers, I think I would first find a way to manufacture a genetically-engineered lynx named Bubastis. Then I'd recruit(coerce) a group of costumed adventurers who'd work towards becoming idols of justice, while at the same time I would manipulate world affairs to my benefit, ultimately taking over the world. Ruling it in the same fashion as my idle Alexander the Great

Avatar image for frov
Posted By frov

I would re-write CV's staff's memory, so the would keep redoing the contest until all of us have a copy!

Avatar image for longbowhunter
Posted By longbowhunter

Oh! I gotta have that Lemire variant. Read all the Valiant first issues and plan on picking up the trades.

I'd like to say I'd do something noble with the powers, but I know that's not true. First thing that comes to mind is using my psychic powers to make a cashier think a dollar bill is a larger denomination. Petty I know, but then I could afford all the Valiant titles.

Avatar image for savagedragon
Edited By SavageDragon

I already won the XO Manowar contest so I wont enter this one so more people can try out the GREAT Valiant titles. BLOODSHOT is amazing and the free trade that CV sent me of the XO was awesome.

Avatar image for deledom
Posted By Deledom

I would convince everyone is the New York that Batman actually exists! Project the bat symbol in the sky every single night, which only New Yorkers could see.

Avatar image for spideycap
Edited By Spideycap

I would use my powers to remove the powers of anyone else and myself.

Lovin the variant cover, what cant Lemire do?!

Avatar image for noj
Posted By noj

Hmm ive never read a Valiant book so im not all that sure what his powers entail so Im going to be unoriginal and say fight crime. At the same time though I would probably try to find a way to use my powers to become rich.

Avatar image for phoenix8008
Posted By Phoenix8008

With Pete's powers, I'd probably 'convince' the people at Valiant Entertainment to employ me in some manner so that I can help or be a part of all these great comics! Of course, then I'd be living in New York City and would be obligated to fight crime in my spare time!

Avatar image for hancock89
Edited By Hancock89
@Loki2u said:

@Hancock89 said:

@K4tzm4n: the staff should consider extending the giveaways to Canada too... we are your friendly neighbors! This is not fair!

I don't even know why I bother clicking on these give away articles. Lol

I don't think its legalities as much as shipping costs or something. If they let Canada participate, then they have to let other countries participate and then its just a hassle.

Haha I guess we're just masochists. Yep, that's most likely the case. I realize favoritism won't happen, can't blame a brother for trying though right? ;) 
I personally can't wait to buy Shadowman's first TBP, as it's currently my favorite valiant title. Closely followed by Harbinger and X-O. Good luck to all participants!
Avatar image for jonesyaz
Posted By JonesyAZ

If I had Pete Stanchek's powers, I would mentally trigger inspiration in all those around me to become better people by finding the good in themselves and others, and following their heart's long as it doesn't hurt another person.

Avatar image for monopolyloser
Posted By monopolyloser

I would use said power to convince someone to tell me what is the real deal with Area 51, Denver International Airport, and other places like that.

Avatar image for janarrah
Posted By JanArrah

I'd try to make people more honest by connecting everyone similar to Greg Pak's Vision Machine or Serial Experiment Lain. I feel we are often too disconnected from each other and if everyone is connected psionicly, well the world could be a better place.

Oh and I'd also make bastards that prey on others feel all the pain, fear, and torment they force on others.

Avatar image for sonicnevets
Posted By sonicnevets

I would use the power to somehow unlock the hidden potential for super-human abilities in humans, then the world would have super-humans everywhere which would make the world a lot more interesting along with the risk of supervillans. Another option would be to use the powers on movie execs so that all the comic book movies coming out would end up be totally awesome and sticking to the source material.

Avatar image for dhudson2199
Posted By dhudson2199

Use the powers to bring about a safer world, then get rich

Avatar image for cavemold
Posted By Cavemold

i would lead the world in finding the truth and justice. i would seek out evil minds and erase them. so no one would shoot anyone down and gun violence would end

Avatar image for lifeboy
Posted By lifeboy

I would make sure that no one innocent ever gets put in jail for crimes they didnot commit. That all the murderers are revealed in the truth. Jst give me the award already. I have looked into the future and we both know I win:-D

Avatar image for rdh
Posted By rdh

Use mypowers to have hollywood make some great Valiant movies

Avatar image for the_tree
Posted By the_tree

I would use my powers for shock and awe. I'd become the world's greatest magician. Card tricks and levitation will be mere child's play. Move over Houdini, I know you made an elephant disappear in front of a bunch of people, but how about I do the same with the Statue of Liberty? Or at least I'll make them think I did...

Avatar image for kiddevil
Posted By Kiddevil

I'd rewire my mom's brain as well as my teacher's. They are hateful people.

Avatar image for krhunt
Posted By Krhunt

With those powers, I'd probably get cracking on starting a Psi Division Judges for the Justice Department.

Avatar image for larrydavis
Posted By LarryDavis

Join XCOM and combat the alien menace, for the good of mankind. SECTOIDS WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT 'EM!

Avatar image for lorddunlow
Posted By LordDunlow

I would infiltrate VEI offices, have them hand over their stash of variants (including golds) and then convince them I can just hang out with the creative teams whenever I want.

Avatar image for toastalchemist
Posted By Toastalchemist

If I had his powers I would peak into other people's minds. I know, not very original. But not to know what they're thinking about me or anything, just to know what it's like to be them or know them better.

Avatar image for wildcats25
Posted By wildcats25

If i had his powers....

Goal= Financial Security. Amass at minimum, $10 million through gambling at casinos. it would mostly be the roulette table, forcing the ball to land on my numbers. I'd take that money and invest in a high-interest baring account and live off the interest alone.

once that's achieved, i'd probably help friends and strangers. I would never let anyone know of my powers!

Avatar image for bobby97801
Posted By bobby97801

I would make Stan Lee adopt me ;)

Avatar image for bladewolf
Posted By bladewolf

I'll be honest: I'd use the powers for personal gain. First on my list would probably be convincing several pop stars, supermodels, etc. to be my girlfriends. Following that, I'd probably mind control a bunch of wealthy elites to transfer their financial assets to me. Finally, I'd create world peace...and once that got boring I'd probably just bring back gladiator-style coliseum fights for my amusement!

Avatar image for zappajay152
Posted By zappajay152

I would us my powers to give all my friends powers. When they all become masters of thier powers i will take my super team all around the world fighting evil and making the world a better place. I think the world today could use a superhero or two. I would only us the ability to mind controle if asked by someone. maybe they wanted to forget a tradegy they lived thru that i was not around to stop. I would just make the best effort to make the world a better place for all!

Avatar image for al_mega
Posted By Al_Mega

If I had Stanchek's powers I believe I would use them almost like Toyo Harada has BUT more towards the goal of making the world a better place without as much bloodshed of innocents, I would unleash power only in a trusted few, I'd let people make their own choices with no manipulation unless it's for the greater good!

Avatar image for tdk_1997
Posted By TDK_1997

Why do I live in Europe?

Avatar image for nappystr8
Posted By nappystr8

First I would hunt down the world's top neuro scientists and mechanical engineers and mentally influence them to create a machine that would allow me to remotely affect the minds of every human being on the planet. I would then use my new powers to remove all the pain, doubt, and hatred from peoples' hearts and minds thus ending wars, the reign of greedy politicians, and ending the mass violence that broken people cause.

...that or maybe I'd just use my powers to trick Comicvine into giving me that sweet Jeff Lemire variant cover.

Avatar image for chernobylcow
Posted By ChernobylCow

If I had crazy-psionic powers, I would definitely wear a hoodie.

Avatar image for bethetroubleyouwanttosee
Posted By bethetroubleyouwanttosee

I would use it to do some of the best and worst things possible. I would use my powers to first and foremost to become a tad bit more successful in the financial aspect of my life. It is then I would create a team of people who would help myself to "clean the streets" but more under the radar. My money would go to help make sure that I would be able to help those around the world who need aid as well as make sure that I stayed in the shadows. I would use my powers to control those around me who I see as retarding the growth of their people because of political gain. I would re-write laws that made more sense for all of the united states and help those in other countries to try and live a life where fear of death is fear of old age, not a stray bullet. After laws are written and passed then the world will be able to run itself along with having my own group of people who are making sure those laws are followed-they will not be laws like "Do not j-walk or you will serve jail time" but laws that dealt with health care ad schooling and education that are fair and balanced but are able to offer different opinions to have a say and discuss the problem without having a shouting match. It all sounds very utopian but it would take years and years to have the plan come to complete fruition.

Avatar image for violetphoenix
Posted By VioletPhoenix

If I had Peter Stanchek's powers, I would spend about a month getting them under control and used to them, work out the kinks. And then I would fulfill my lifelong fantasy of being a superhero from the shadows, because no one needs that sort of exposure. Domino mask included. Telekinesis is the ultimate power, telepathy is daunting and teleportation is dandy. I'd be both a street-level hero as well as a large-scale situation hero.

Avatar image for escargot4lunch
Posted By Escargot4Lunch

This might sound lame but it's my honest answer:

As a film major and in general a passionate film enthusiast I'd use my new found power to break into the film industry and stop production on all the unnecessary film reboots and remakes. I'd probably pepper in original ideas here and there so the studio execs would pursue new creative avenues instead of rehashing old ones, and often disgracing the legacy of the films that came before it.

Simple perhaps, but that's the route I'd take.

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