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Han Solo Gets His Own Mini-Series at Marvel

Marjorie Liu and Mark Brooks take on the iconic character.

The Star Wars universe has been well-established at Marvel over the past few years. Many classic Star Wars characters have gotten their own comics and now, it's time for Han Solo to shine. Revealed by EW, writer Marjorie Liu and Mark Brooks will be delivering a five-issue miniseries this June, featuring everyone's favorite space smuggler, Han Solo.

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In this book, Han wants to enter the Dragon Void Run, a starship race, and while he gets the chance of a lifetime, Leia needs his help finding spies in the Rebellion. Both Han and Chewie will be flying around in the Millennium Falcon during this series.

The story will take place between Episodes IV and V. The Empire will be a part of this story, but not the main bad guy. That comes in the way of someone from Han's past.

The five-issue miniseries hits comic shelves in June. Check out some interior images below.

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