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Halloween Jack O' Lantern Extravaganza!

Nothing says "Halloween" like a bunch of insanely detailed pumpkins.

Halloween is finally here. A day where I can wear as short of a skirt as I want, and no one can say anything about it. We've spent some time already discussing some good, bad, and some very sexy costumes you can pick up this Halloween, and now it's time to switch gears. Aside from dressing yourself up for Halloween, many people take the time and effort to decorate their houses with gravestones, fake spider webs, and spooky ambient music. Back in my day, we called them commies. While that's "cool" and all, we need to focus on something traditional, something delicious, and something awesome. Let's talk pumpkins. "Pumpkins? Pumpkins aren't cool!" Well, maybe you haven't seen all the cool pumpkins I've seen then.

Pumpkin carving is a super-sweet tradition. If you've never carved a pumpkin, then you've never lived. As a child, most of us carved pumpkins in the kitchen, and you got to make some pretty sweet and simple jack o'lanterns. Well, what you're about to see is those same carved pumpkins on some insane human growth hormones.Let's all celebrate Halloween with pumpkins that took longer to carve than actual time I put into my college papers!

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Obviously, we're not talking about your typical, run-of-the mill carved pumpkins though. We're talking about pumpkins where people took the time and effort to turn these orange monstrosities into memorials for their favorite characters and objects from the world of nerd.

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Batman the Animated Series was and is what a comic book television show should be, and this pumpkin was and is what a carved pumpkin should be.

This pumpkin, back from 2007, is from a random gallery website on the web, and it depicts the logo from Batman the Animated series. It's a really cool that it's a stylized Batman logo, so when you're smashing pumpkins, and decide to throw the Dark Knight at someone else's head, they'll probably be scared half to death, thinking the soul of Batman is trapped within a pumpkin and has decided to extract its revenge on said person in front of the pumpkins path. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Batman has no soul.

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If you were ever to tell me that someone would take a perfectly good pumpkin and turn it into a Cylon head, complete with those eye lights, I would call you a liar of the highest caliber. Yet, here we are, and we have a giant pumpkin Cylon head right before our eyes.

This little beauty, the villain from the Battlestar Gallactica series and comics, it was found on the Downlo Tumblr site, and it seems like it came from this year. Aside from the light show, what I really liked about this pumpkin was that it's not just a straight through cut. There are layers to the carving in this one.

The best thing to do with this pumpkin is to put it on top of your car and pull people over. Then destroy the people you pulled over in the car for the good of the Cylon race. Think: If you didn't pull those people over them and end their human existence, then they'd just find a way to repopulate another planet which you spent so long devising how to destroy.

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Wait a minute! THAT'S a pumpkin? This is probably the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Obviously, this pumpkin was turned into R2 D2 from Star Wars (the less annoying robot). It was sculpted by Noel Dickover (umm...) and we found this one over at TechFever. Noel spent 11 hours turning a 40 pound pumpkin into the work of art.

This is a pumpkin I could never smash, mainly because I'd be pulling it around in a wagon and pretending to be CP3O, sans British accent. This pumpkin is full of depth and detail, and it's something I could never imagine could be a pumpkin. The layers alone are insane. Although it may look a tad crude, in the sense it's not perfect, it's probably one of the most amazing carved pumpkins I've ever seen.

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I am Iron Man.. or Pumpkin Man... I guess that R2D2 pumpkin WAS the most insane carved pumpkin I had ever seen.Normally, when you carve a pumpkin, you just care out some shapes to make said pumpkin look like some item. Here, it's more than just shapes, the whole image has be sculpted into the pumpkin.

Scott Cummins had this Iron Man pumpkin on his site Pumpkin Gutter, where he, you guessed it, carves pumpkins. He carved this one back in 2008.

What I really liked about this pumpkin was that it is three dimensional. Also,lighting usually just fills in space that is supposed to be white, but the lighting is what really brings this pumpkin together. Aside from the eyes, the texture around the face helps create some soft lighting. However, this wasn't the coolest of the pumpkins that I've seen.

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GET TO THA CHOPPA! This masterpiece pumpkin is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen, pumpkin-wise. This little Predator makes me want to hide out in the jungle and set up a bunch of traps. The guy who carved this puppy out is named Ray Villafane, a name a few of you may know. He actually designs toys for DC Direct, and more recently, he designed the Deadman Black Lantern figure for the Green Lantern Blackest Night set a couple years ago. This pumpkin comes from his website where he has pictures of carved pumpkins, sandcastles, and toys.

What's different about this pumpkin is that it's not one that needs a candle inside to make it stand out. Just like the Iron Man pumpkin, this one is a three-dimension pumpkin, and it has some insane detail, right down to the spikey-hair-things on his face. Man, this is so good that it makes me want to hunt Danny Glover in downtown Los Angeles. It's so good that it makes me want to fight Xenomorphs on Earth... twice. It's so good that it makes me want to see an Adrian Brodie movie featuring Danny Trejo.

There you have it, pumpkins that you don't wear on your head that won't turn your face into snakes. There were tons of these cool pumpkins on the net and it was so hard to choose, so I ask of you, what pumpkins have you seen that you love? Better yet, have you guys done some pumpkin carving this year?