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Guardians of the Galaxy Head to "Planet Venom"

Where does the Venom symbiote call home? Find out in November!

Cover by Nick Bradshaw/Source: Mtv News
Cover by Nick Bradshaw/Source: Mtv News

MTV News announced today that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be heading off to a planet full of symbiotes. This three issue arc, starting with November issue #21 of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, takes readers to a place they've never seen before, the planet the venom symbiote originally calls home. Writer Brian Michael Bendis had this to say about coming up with the story idea.

“I looked it up and I was like no, there’s been a planet we’ve seen taken over by symbiotes, but have we not seen the planet of the symbiotes? I called [Marvel Senior Vice President Of Publishing] Tom Brevoort, I go, could it be that even in the craziness of the ’90s when it was Venom, Venom, Venom every five seconds, that this story has not been told? And he goes, yeah we’ve never been there. And I’m like, now I have to do it! It’s crazy.”

Editor Mike Marts says that this story will add a lot to the symbiote mythology and there will be a lot readers won't be expecting. Flash Thompson is going to have a big role in this arc and will be the point of view character, according to Marts.

GOTG also now has a full time artist with Valerio Schiti. GOTG has gone through a rotating art team for months, but now Schiti is taking on the full time duties. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #21, the start to "Planet Venom" kicks off in November.





• As the Guardians of the Galaxy encounter an entire world full of alien symbiotes, they ask themselves…was allowing Flash Thompson to join their ranks a wise decision?

32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Source: MTV News

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@thevenomsite said:

I cannot wait to see how this plays out! I'm hoping we see more of the symbiote's POV and how it reacts to this homecoming.

I'm gonna go with badly,

Wasn't Venom exiled from his planet for wanting to form a bond with a person instead of just stealing their adrenaline until they died?

[Edit] Oh fudge, sorry for the late call-back. I forgot it was Septemeber 15th, not August 15th. @_@ Mah bad.

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Posted By ShadowPro

home is where your host's heart is

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Posted By Rev_Sulphur

I plan on getting the GOTG in collected but I am interested in Planet Venom. Should I pick this up or just wait for the collected and pick up Planet Venom in single issues ?

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Posted By ShadowPro

about damn timeit was

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Posted By Knightsofdarkness2

This is gonna be so awesome!

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Posted By Dedpool

@ Nice. I can't believe it took this long. I actually thought they were going to do this a while back when Bendis wrote Mighty Avengers and Doom dropped the Venom bomb on NYC. But this makes sense now that Flash is a part of the team and in space. Sucks he won't be part of Spider-verse but ah well. Hopefully we'll get a new Toxin mini after this too and see what Eddie has been up to since being re-bonded with a symbiote. Sad they had to make the one symbiote that wasn't completely murderous turn, well, murderous.

@crackdown - NICE!!!!!

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Posted By Hassun

@imredjimmy: The thing is, he has actually written some great stuff. Alias and his Daredevil work for example, are highly recommended if you like his writing style. Hell I don't even mind his Avengers Disassembled and House of M all that much. (Although I understand that fans of Scarlet Witch were a lot less pleased with it.) It's true that people look for different things in comics and I even somewhat understand that some people might not mind wildly inconsistent characterizations (something Bendis is notorious for) but I do hope that all readers of comic books would like a good story. And the fact of the matter is that nearly nothing interesting has happened in his GotG book. And judging by this announcement it looks like that's not going to change either because this is a rehash of an earlier story.

So my question is, why write the book at all if you don't have a story to tell? If it's just to cash in on an upcoming film, that would be pretty sad if you ask me.

As for which his weakest current book is, I would point to All-New X-Men instead of Guardians of the Galaxy but I could see why some people would have it the other way around.

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Posted By imredjimmy

@hassun: It might be trash to you, but I've really been liking what Bendis has been writing (although Guardians is clearly his weakest book). Different people look for different things in comics. Bendis might not be your taste, but you don't have to call it trash. I'm sure there are worst offenders elsewhere.

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Posted By Bystander

Why did they have to go with this stupid cosume change? I hope it's not for long...

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Posted By tparks

@theacidskull: Lol. Agreed, but at least I'm happy the Guardians are getting away from Earth finally.

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Meh, looks like a headache. Also you'd think after the film hit they would focus more on the actual Guardians.

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Posted By VanderSEXXX

@granitesoldier said:

Mr. Bendis,

Agent Venom, as written by Rick Remender and Cullen Bunn, rapidly became my favorite character and is cherished by me as I find him very relatable to my own life. You've yet to really do much with Flash but I will say this now: do not, please, do NOT f**k him up or I will be very unhappy with your continued existence as the man in charge of Venom.


P.S. Seriously, don't f**k this up, and don't f**k Flash up.

You're wasting your time man, but it's okay, I'm here with you.

@nickxh said:
@theacidskull said:

NO! I won't fall for it Bendis! Not this time!


Bendis sucks :)

I agree with this alot. The guy needs to take a break after Age of Ultron. He already messed up Abnett's work with his own version of continuity.

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Posted By kidchipotle

Wasn't there a Venom: Secret Dark Origins one shot? Maybe @thevenomsite can clarify?

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Posted By kidchipotle

@Grey56@oreoassassin: Staff articles get priority over user articles. Doesn't matter why. That's how it is, accept it and move on, mates.

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Posted By Hassun

@imredjimmy: There HAS been a story about that. This is just Bendis rehashing/retconning it.

I really wish people would stop buying this trash.

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Posted By wildvine


Yes it is when the staff article is a few spaces above.

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Posted By OreoAssassin

@wildvine: "We've got it covered" is acknowledgement? At this point i dont really care anymore, i just wish i was given a reason to why my thread was locked other than "We've got it covered". But theres no use in crying over spilled milk so i'd like to just drop this :D Thanks @Grey56: for trying to help, i appreciate it greatly!

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@grey56: I have to ask you to stop derailing the thread now. You should get a PM to clarify this topic better then I can very soon. Thanks.

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Posted By Grey56

@wildvine: Again, I don't think I'm communicating the intent well enough as unfortunately none of what has been described answers my questions.

Whereas no one would argue that the staff has a priority/precedent to break certain information - having another thread open wouldn't in it of itself be a problem given the headline space given to staff posting their articles to the front page. It's like being able to have a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl versus someone using local access in a rural area.

But no, the request/discussion isn't that the original post by @oreoassassin be linked inside @inferiorego 's ; merely that it would be a polite mention inside Matt's own article that it had already been broken (referring again to what I mentioned about AP/Reuters stories). Were the thread not locked I would go so far as to say that no mention at all would be necessary; it would simply be like many other similarly themed threads - all competing for clicks.

But truly, arguing the necessity of this redundancy isn't really the point. It's that a contributing member of the site broke a story before the staff and had their thread locked. There's been mention of some form of acknowledgement - but again that was limited to a one line statement indicating that the staff had written another article.

Perhaps this seems like wasted motion - but the staff thought enough to lock the thread so then there was a reason for that. Because let's face it; there are many, many threads all throughout this site that deal with the same topic(s).

Obviously though you are all the moderators and staff so there's little to nothing which can be done if your position is entrenched as such. It would appear I've already made you somewhat upset over my line of questioning despite my best attempts at being cordial and for that I do apologize. However I do feel like if a thread is important enough to lock so that the staff may push their own material - then a small acknowledgement (specific to that person/persons) isn't too tall of an order.

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Standard policy is to lock duplicate threads. Unfortunately staff articles take point in these matters. I gave the user acknowledgement on the thread. Also it would be pointless to promote a thread I had just locked. If your argument is that I should have linked the real article on the users thread then I would point out it was a few spaces above on the same page, ergo not necessary.

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Posted By Grey56

@wildvine: I don't think we're saying the same thing, unfortunately. In other media (print or digital) when someone scoops or publishes a story first (See AP or Reuters) they are credited with having broken it on whatever forum it's introduced to.

My point is that if a member goes through the trouble of breaking a story - it seems like it would be a polite tip of the cap to mention that member doing so in whatever staff run article gets published. It's a fairly simple and unobtrusive measure.

I will do a double take through the rules & regulations again to see if this is a part of the process. However I will say that if someone like @oreoassassin or others goes to the trouble of bringing good discussion to the site then they should be credited for it when the staff chooses to lock said thread.

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Posted By wildvine


Yes. I said we had it covered.

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Posted By Grey56

@wildvine: That another member had in fact broken the story first - something of an acknowledgement.

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Posted By wildvine
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Posted By Grey56

@wildvine: Was that the post where you indicated you had it covered? Again, my question was more than a matter if the site had a staff member covering the topic. I was more curious if there was a policy to somehow acknowledge other members when this instance occurs.

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Posted By wildvine


We had a thread about it made by a staff member. We didn't need another. I said something to that end in my post.

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Am I the only one who just doesn't care for Flash Thompson Venom?

Edit: also isnt Venom from battleworld? or are we just to believe that he was just... idk... captured and held in a machine on battleworld? cuz... why would they bother?

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I see Bendis and i'm like NO

No Caption Provided

its stories that go into the history of Venom

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Posted By superior_prime_maybe

wasnt there a backstory about the planet? Some old spider man issue. Where it was shown that the symbiote was actually an exile... orsomething. I remember the story was lame... with colourfill symbiotes

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Posted By InFamous_Wolf

SOOOOOOO HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy Flash is really getting a push. I was scared he would fall into the "Void" of forgotten characters.

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Posted By OreoAssassin

@grey56: Its alright, i just wish they would of gave me a heads up or reason

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Posted By Grey56

@oreoassassin: Well, that is a shame that they didn't give you at least a nod in the process. @wildvine - is there any process defined in the policies where this might fall under?

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord


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Posted By OreoAssassin

@grey56: Yeah the threads here,


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Posted By Grey56

So i post the news first, and yet my thread gets locked? Hows that fair?

I certainly hope that wouldn't be the case. @inferiorego, can you comment on this sir?

Secondarily - I truly think if told in a 'Pitch Black' like fashion (survivor/horror) this could not only be an explanation to what the Beyonder really did during Secret Wars when he brought the Symbiote over but a great story unto itself.

I do agree that they don't all have to share the same color as the cover art indicates here but, I have also read some explanations for that as well that make sense.

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Posted By Yung ANcient One

This is what I have been waiting for since Drax said he's seen Thompson's Venom's kind before. I have been waiting for them to go to the motherland. However, I have heard negative things about Bendis so I am worried. I don't want the story to suck and I don't want all of the symbiotes to be black. Symbiotes should be of a variety of colors like Carnage and his gang were. (+)

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Posted By StarBrand1

in bendis i trust, except when its the xmen

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Posted By Onemoreposter

Genuinely shocked this hasnt been done b4.

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Posted By WarpathLobo92

great,the "ET calls home" mimic works for venom...i wonder if carnage,scorn and toxin would show up...or if beings like them exist on that planet. i can tell we are going to have a really bonding story :p

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Posted By TwoFacedJoker

@theacidskull: agreed, I dropped Uncanny X-Men just as he started dragging out this Last Testament nonesense

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Just give me the darn cancerverse and Richard Rider story already.....can't...wait...any longerrrrrrr lol

AMEN to that!! BTW does anyone know if this will be the 1st time Marvel is really writing a story for the symbiote's origin in Earth-616?

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Posted By ForeverMan

@jaken7 said:

I wish Bendis wrote Guardians with at least half of the charm and heart found in All New X-Men.

Was that a diss or a compliment? You decide!

Same. I'm really digging his X-Men books but I dropped GOTG months ago.

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Edited By The Mighty Monarch

Just give me the darn cancerverse and Richard Rider story already.....can't...wait...any longerrrrrrr lol

You do know that's happening beginning with the next issue and is thus before this Planet Venom arc, right?

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Posted By Mrfuzzynutz

Just give me the darn cancerverse and Richard Rider story already.....can't...wait...any longerrrrrrr lol

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Hmm. I wonder what this means for Sony and Marvel Studios.

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Posted By DarthAznable