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Group Campaigns to Reprint Doctor Who Novels

The Doctor Who Reprint Society campaigns to reprint books during the 90s and 00s.

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Doctor Who, the longest running science fiction series of all time, is more than just a television series. Like many other big-time science fiction franchises (Star Wars, Star Trek), the stories in the "Who-niverse" also take place in comics, in audio formats, and most importantly in books. Because the universe is so expansive, and it takes place over the course of centuries, if you're going by the Doctor's timeline, there's a lot of room for creators to put their own twist on their favorite Doctor. 
The Doctor Who series was originally canceled in 1989 and fans clamored for more, so Virgin released many books based on the adventures of the Sylvester McCoy Doctor, and eventually the others, up until the movie, and then BBC released some of their own. The problem with this is that those books are no longer in print and second hand copies of them can cost a fan an arm and a leg. However, there are digital copies of said books floating around the net, but there are still many Who fans that want a physical copy in their hands. That's where the Doctor Who Reprint Society (DWRS) comes into play.
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The Doctor Who Reprint Society started back in April of 2010:

It came about after 'Scar of Lungbarrow', one of the members of Gallifrey Base enquired about getting hold of many of the out of print Doctor Who books released between 1989 and 2005. Scar of Lungbarrow, or Al to his friends, found that many fellow forum members had faced varying degrees of difficulty in obtaining copies.

Doctor Who is not just a British phenomenon, it's world-wide, and the Doctor Who Reprint Society's website brings those fans together, under one "roof," to raise awareness for the demand for these books, since Who fans feel they're being jipped off by buying the 1st prints online for upwards of $80. If there are people out there wondering "why bother," the explanation is simple. If BBC has no problem polishing up and redistributing old Who adventures on DVD, they should do the same for the old novel series. It's an important part of the Who-niverse and the DWRS has a simple goal:

Our goal is to have affordable volumes brought back into the first hand market, either as collected editions or as individual volumes. We're following various routes in an attempt to achieve this including opening dialogues with the BBC, authors, potential publishers and holders of various copyrights.

Now, BBC is doing some new printings of these stories in 2011; however, they are on print on demand, so many fans may not even get a chance to get their hands on them. So if you're a Doctor Who fan and would like to get your hands on some of the books and join the cause, head over to the site.