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Groot Comic Announced

The world needs more Groot and Marvel is going to give us just that.

Guardians of the Galaxy made millions of people fall in love with Groot, and now Marvel's going to give the big, lovable alien the spotlight. Written by Jeff Loveness and illustrated by Brian Kesinger, this comedy-heavy title is going to show how Groot "briefly separated" from Rocket Raccoon and also explain how the two initially met.

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Groot's lack of dialogue seems to come as a bit of a double-edge sword for the writer. "It's a challenge, and also part of the fun." The lack of banter allowed him to focus on other ways to sell laughs. "Being a comedy writer on TV, you make your living on words and turns of phrase and jokes. So with Groot you've gotta dig deep and find a lot of physical comedy." It's not just comedy, though. He also says that writing Groot allowed him to bring some extra emotion to the story. "That brings up so many opportunities for comedy, but it also brings in that human aspect of feeling lonely and isolated from the world around you. If you lose your translator, you're on your own out there."

Here's the official synopsis:

When Rocket and Groot are on an intergalactic roadtrip and calamity strikes, the two get separated — and for the first time in years, Groot’s on his own! Written by comedic ace Jeff Loveness ("Jimmy Kimmel Live!") and drawn by Marvel Comics newcomer Brian Kesinger (Disney Animation), get a front row seat for EXPLOSIONS, SPACE SHARKS, ALIENS, AND INTERGALACTIC HITCHIKING (YEAH, BABY! YOU READ THAT RIGHT)! Whatever may be coming Groot’s way, one thing’s for sure — it’s going to be a GROOT adventure!

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So, who's going to buy this?

Source: Mashable