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Greg Pak Reveals New Kickstarter Project With Takeshi Miyazawa -- ABC Disgusting

The 'Princess Who Saved Herself' and 'Code Monkey Save World' creative team is getting back together for another project.

Besides writing some of your favorite comics at Marvel and DC, Greg Pak has had a few successful Kickstarter-launched books as well. This one might be a little different from what you might expect. Teaming up with the same creative team from 'The Princess Who Saved Herself' and 'Code Monkey Save World,' the latest book is a children's alphabet book with with some gross things added to spice up the story and pages. That's right, it's not just a regular alphabet book. There is a story.

We talked to Greg to get a little more information about the project. You can pledge and support the book at

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COMIC VINE: What's your latest Kickstarter about?

GREG PAK: It's called ABC DISGUSTING and it's an alphabet book about disgusting things. There are also fun characters and an actual story, in which a kid tries to gross out his older sister with a series of disgusting things -- and she turns the tables with what might be the biggest gross out of all. It's disgusting and maybe a little heartwarming and you're gonna love it. Back it today on the Kickstarter!!

CV: What gave you the idea to do children's book like this?

GREG PAK: After I collaborated with Jonathan Coulton on 'The Princess Who Saved Herself' children's book, based on his beloved song, I kind of got bit by the children's book bug. I'm used to telling bigger, longer stories in comics, and children's books allow for a more compact kind of storytelling that explores a single theme or character or moment in a beautifully concise way. So I found myself thinking about the things that made me laugh as a kid, which made me remember kid-me grossing people out with the concept of a mayonnaise milkshake. And it occurred to me that an irreverent alphabet book of disgusting things could be a blast.

CV: Can we expect some nice and gross things that kids will love?

GREG PAK: Darn straight. We've got the aforementioned mayonnaise milkshakes, nose hair, bug juice, rats at a roller derby, zombies and zorillas and lots of flatulence. You will be disgusted, in the best way.

I'm also thinking the book could be great for young, reluctant readers who might need something a little naughty to entice them into picking up a book.

CV: How do you decide how far to go with the disgustingness?

GREG PAK: The great Takeshi Miyazawa is drawing the book, and he's got just the right touch for making things truly disgusting but also kind of adorable. Just check out his farting zorilla in that promo art!

I also tried to keep the tone more about gleeful disgust rather than meanness or horror. The book's irreverent and honest, recognizing the messiness and hilarity of life and bodily functions. But there's a real emotional story at its core about a moment between this brother and sister. It'll gross you out -- and warm your heart at the same time.

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CV: What are some of the incentives or stretch goals you have in mind?

GREG PAK: The main reward is a beautiful hardcover of the finished book, along with a nice, disgusting sheet of stickers. But you can also get copies of the art team's previous collaborations, Code Monkey Save World and The Princess Who Saved Herself. And we're offering a custom whoopie cushion, natch.

A few high rollers can pick the reward that gets your likeness drawn into the book as a zombie. And we're working on a very special limited edition collectible that we're hoping to add as a reward soon.

Something for everyone! Check it out at!

We actually haven't discussed stretch goals yet -- we're just working hard to make our target so we can finish the book and get it out into the world. But if we get to that stage, we'll definitely come up with some fun stuff.

CV: Did you come up with all the disgusting things yourself?

GREG PAK: Yeah. I've been chuckling over these kinds of things for a few decades, so I guess I was ready for the challenge. ;-)

CV: Did this just come as a natural fit for the creative team after THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HERSELF and CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD?

GREG PAK: Exactly. I absolutely love working with this art team. Tak just gets the feel and tone of everything I throw at him and makes it ten times better. Jessica Kholinne, our colorist, has developed a gorgeous, vibrant, and yet subtly welcoming watercolor style for these children's book projects. And Simon Bowland, the letter, finds just the right fonts and style for all of the different projects I throw at him. I'm hoping we can keep the band together a long time.

If this sounds like something you'd dig or if you know someone this book would be perfect for, check out the Kickstarter page to support and essentially pre-order your own copy.