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Green Lantern Movie Concept Art?

Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan

Illustrator Brian Murray's View

Comics2Film has posted some images from Brian Murray's website.  Looks like a GL movie coming out is getting closer.  It's going to be a hard film to do.  My fingers are crossed it will be good.   The possibilities are endless.  The question is, how will the average movie-goer take a film like this?  Will it contain too much sci-fi?  A movie like Dark Knight can do well not only because it was well done but also because it is grounded, somewhat, in reality.  What was the last successful epic sci-fi movie?

There's so many ways this could go.  Good thing I don't have to worry about narrowing down all of the Green Lantern mythos into one single movie.  I know Warner Bros is easing back on the number of movies they release as I reported here, so let's hope they see the potential this has.