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Green Lantern Episode 1.22 'Love is a Battlefield' Review

Aya attacks Zamaron, believing Star Sapphires cause the universe too much harm and suffering.


I can't believe this show isn't being renewed. Are the executives over at Cartoon Network even watching these recent episodes? It's insanely impressive how good the show has become and 'Love is a Battlefield' continues the animated show's hot streak.

Aya, now possessing the Anti-Monitor's powers, heads to Zamaron and blames the Star Sapphires for her own heartbreak. Wanting to prove her own belief that love brings nothing but pain, Aya sets up a deathmatch between Love and Hate's champions -- Carol Ferris and Atrocitus.

While the last episode was filler -- amazingly fun and hilarious filler -- this episode switches back into a very serious tone and tackles the complex topic of love. The script won't give you any epiphanies about the powerful emotion but it's still addressed in an engrossing manner and I find myself fully invested in each character. I was initially concerned where they'd go with the Razer / Aya relationship and I'm beyond pleased with how everything is turning out. I feared something super cheesy but this direction has blown me away with each episode -- it's a shockingly powerful tale.

CN cancelling this show is illogical.
CN cancelling this show is illogical.

The action in this one is a blast. The initial battle between the Manhunters and Star Sapphires is energetic and well executed, especially when their leader jumps into the fray and slices apart a few bots. Shortly later, this is topped with the Atrocitus melee. The impacts are fierce and it spirals into a brutal slugfest that'll keep your jaw on the floor.

Even if you're not a fan of the animation for characters, there's no denying the space sequences look fantastic. The Interceptor maneuvering near the surface of a star was a vibrant and gorgeous sequence. The previously mentioned action sequences look solid as well, especially when the interior of Manhunter's are exposed or a Lantern is sent violently crashing into a surface.

Simply put, I love where the second half of this season is going and it's being handled in such a brilliant manner. The brief Razer / Aya encounter makes it clear she isn't entirely devoid of emotion and I can't wait to see how this develops. It's just a shame we know this amazing program now has an expiration date.