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'Gotham' Season 2 Villains Rising Promo Features Joker and More

The new season begins in less than a month.

Gotham returns with its second season in September. With a lot of the characters established in the first season along with some minor cliffhangers we were left with, there's the chance for the series to move forward to flesh out the characters and bring in new ones.

Over the weekend, a promo was released focusing on the "Villains Rising." One of the main things you'll see in this promo is the appearance of what might turn out to be Joker.

Cameron Monaghan first appeared in Episode 16, "The Blind Fortune Teller." While it wasn't officially declared within the show that this character was the Joker, it sure looks like they're playing it that way for viewers.

He's not the only villain in the show as Penguin as continued his rise during the first season and now we have the Riddler ready to play a bigger role. At least Jim Gordon can be thankful Michael Chiklis is coming on as Captain Nathaniel Barnes to help turn things around in the GCPD.

Gotham returns on Monday, September 21. Are you going to watch?