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'Godzilla 2' Monsters Announced

Come see which creatures will appear in the King of Monsters' new cinematic universe!

Legendary Pictures has taken the stage in San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H and the studio spent some time to build the hype for Godzilla's sequel. The first movie's director, Gareth Edwards, is set to return and Legendary's official twitter page has confirmed that Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah are on the way!

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They also posted that future films will include "several other classic monsters." So, are you excited to see more Godzilla brawls on the big screen? Let us know below!

Source: Twitter

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@jaken7 said:
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Those three right off the bat? F*** yeah! I feel spoiled! The only other Toho monster I care about is Biollante...

Biollante?! LAME! Let's get some Destroyah in here...

For the first movie though, I was honestly hoping to see like Rodan and Anguirus. Woulda been cool since Anguirus was Godzilla's first fight.

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Now that we have the origin out of the way, here's to Godzilla 2 being a hell of a lot better than the first

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Posted By jackbensley777

huge godzilla fan ever since i was like four, this should be sweet. at first i was mad the way godzilla looks in gareths movie but im liking it a littlew more, casntwait to see how gidorah turns out

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Posted By Nerd Of A Hero

That's great news…hope they give more Godzilla fighting the monsters screen time than they did in the first one this time. It was ok but it ticked me off whenever they skipped the first 2 fights until the final act of the movie.

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Posted By GrimoireMyst

This huge battle is great news.

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Posted By The Impersonator
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Those three right off the bat? F*** yeah! I feel spoiled! The only other Toho monster I care about is Biollante...

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Posted By comicvine_is_jericho529

The age of superhero summer movie over

the time of the Kaiju blockbusters movies has come!

Pacific rim 2 (complete with comic series and cartoon show)
Godzilla 2( complete with already amazing comic series as well as a toy hunt craze with SHMA and x plus figures)
Skull island ( a potential set up for a King Kong vs Godzilla reboot)
Gamera 2015 ( which will get toho to probably release anohter japnese godzilla film in japan)
Monsters 2 ( a darker more horror take on the monster genre)

all we need is a Cloverfield 2 and Ultraman reboot and we got ourselves a new era!

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@saren said:

Rodan, Mothra and Godzilla team up against King Ghidorah

This will happen

Yes, please!

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Best news in like......ever....

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Posted By comedy_brosUSA

YUSSSSSS. Bring it on!

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Posted By consafo80

Oh hell yes. This is awesome.

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Posted By SilverPool
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Posted By Avenging-X-Bolt

@mje360: @herokiller12344: don't be so pessimistic guys, they obviously were trying to set a specific tone for the first movie. Who's to say that the second one won't be pure fanservice?

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Posted By Herokiller12344

I don't know why you guys are so hyped. They'r ejust going to pull the same "tell don't show" crap they did in the last movie.

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Posted By Winter_Kills
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Posted By mje360

Alright.. 5 minutes for each monster this time.. got it. Adds up for a total of maybe 20 minutes optimistically. I'll wait for the rental. I have no faith in Gareth Edwards's abilities after that last disappointment.

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Posted By ARMIV2
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And now I know what I'm drawing next.

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Posted By Black_Claw

Hell f***ing yes!

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Posted By deaditegonzo

This is the greatest comic con ever! Batman v Superman AND Godzilla!

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Posted By Avenging-X-Bolt

Let the fapping commence!!!!!

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Posted By Avenging-X-Bolt
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Posted By Gojira2014
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I should be happy about this. But I want more monsters. More mayhem. MORE, MORE, MOOOORRREEE!!!!

......anyways this is great news

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Posted By marvel_dc_heroes_villains

Aw yiss, Legendary's panel was awesome. Not only this, but they own King Kong and the new King Kong is coming out 2016. Shared universe?

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Posted By ShadowSwordmaster

King Ghidorah , Rodan and Mothra , this made me so happy right now .

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Posted By w0nd

i want godzilla to be more like a force of nature this time around, like they described in the interviews, forces of nature dont avoid humans, bridges, and save school buses. He doesn't have to slaughter everyone, but he doesn't have to take shit either....And hopefully we get more godzilla in this movie.

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Posted By Blade_R

Yes!!! That is going to be awesome!

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Posted By Omega Ray Jay
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Posted By The_Man_With_Questions
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Ghidorah!! I'm in line already

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Posted By Cloudguy

I need to see the first one :(

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Posted By RustyRoy
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Posted By Astro_Zombie78

@dagmar_merrill: Thanks man. Is it still in theaters? If not I'll pick it up on blu-ray.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I hope this time the actually let us see the whole damn fight!

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Posted By Astro_Zombie78

Can't wait. I haven't seen the reboot yet is it as awesome as it looks?

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Posted By GraniteSoldier

Yes. So...much...yes...

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I would be incredibly surprised if they tried to tease like in the first movie, especially if we're tossing in 3 monsters here now.

It would be a very silly move not to throw a couple clashes on the way to the big showdown with ghidorah.

I mean they have to have been seeing the backlash of that on social media.

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Posted By micah007123
@xwraith said:

I like this news, but at the same time I'm disappointed that there's no Mechagodzilla.

Don't worry after this film I wouldn't be surprised if the government said humanity won't survive another attack like this. Then the camera pans out to workers building the frame of a metallic looking monstrosity.....

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Posted By Maddpanda531

This is some pretty kick-ass news

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Posted By Spideysense44

Pretty good news

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Posted By Xwraith

I like this news, but at the same time I'm disappointed that there's no Mechagodzilla.

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Hell yeah!

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@jonny_anonymous said:

We will likely only see them for about 12 min

Now i'm disappointed.

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