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Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Available For Your Drinking Pleasure

Mmmm...slimy ectoplasm...

Yesterday Babs posted about the auction for Ecto-1, the car used in the Ghostbusters movie.  While it's a cool piece of movie memorabilia, it was a bit pricey.  If you were bummed out at not being able to afford that, there is something that might be in your price range.

For a whopping $2.99, you can buy yourself some drinkable (yes, drinkable) Ectoplasm


Disguised as an energy drink, this can be yours for three bucks.  I saw this over at Amazon.  It looks like the retail price is $3.50 so you can save $0.51!  What is really interesting about this is the manufacturer's recommended age: 3 years and up.  I'm not sure how many three year olds need (or should be drinking) energy drinks.  But they say it's okay.  The product description tells you it's "8.4 oz of slimy-green energy drink." How can anyone pass that up?