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Get Your Hands On All These New Spider-Man Photos And Just Feel Their Texture

Do they make your fashion sense tingle?

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Call it a new tradition: texture, superhero flicks and Entertainment Weekly coming together every year for the week before Comic Con. You’ll recall that last year’s big SDCC cover story unveiled Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern and all the fluorescent, muscular fibers of his “flight suit.” This year, all the timely attention's lavished on Andrew Garfield and his basketball-textured Spidey costume. SHH has gotten these scans of the new web-slinger below...

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While I make comparisons to GREEN LANTERN, I feel like FIRST CLASS is actually the better 2010 analog for this flick. It too, was the fourth installment - - a reboot, no less - - of a licensed Marvel franchise and I truly believe that any naysayers of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN are going to be eating just as much crow come next summer. Marc Webb made a superlative movie with (500) DAYS OF SUMMER and I’m confident his touch is right to finally give Peter Parker’s high school days the proper space and handling.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked what Raimi and Maguire did a lot, but I do think there was some missed potential to show how Spidey operates when he always has to be back home in time for supper. That particular time of his life was so effectively rendered in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (and, to dig a little deeper, in UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN) that it really would justify a new feature-length picture just to actualize it. Anyway, do these pics make your fashion sense tingle? Could Spidey get any ganglier? Don’t hold back on your thoughts, friends.