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Geoff Johns Reveals Cover to AQUAMAN #7

Get ready to find out about "The Other League."

AQUAMAN has been a blast since the relaunch in the "New 52." Geoff Johns has expressed how much he digs the character and the first five issues reflect that. More and more each month, readers are learning that Aquaman actually is pretty cool.

We're on the verge of discovering the story behind Atlantis and how it ended up on the bottom of the ocean. While the solicit information for issue #7 has already been released, a cover hadn't been seen. A placeholder image from the first issue had been used. Now we can finally see what the cover will look like.

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That's a pretty sweet cover. A few minutes ago, Geoff Johns himself tweeted the image by Ivan Reis, Rod Reis and Joe Prado saying this is the cover that had not been seen by anyone yet. He mentioned that the issue will start the next arc, "The Other League." Now that he put it out there, we can all drool over enjoy it.

Here's the solicit info. for issue #7:

Who destroyed Atlantis? In the start of a new storyline, we follow the hunter as he stalks and kills his prey, claiming their weapons and armor as trophies. A golden shield, a golden helm…and the final prize is the most powerful of all: a golden trident. The only problem is, he's going to have to go through Aquaman to get it. Who is he? What is the secret of Aquaman's trident? And how does this all tie into the destruction of Atlantis?

AQUAMAN #7 is on sale March 28, 2012.