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Frank Miller Says SIN CITY 2 Could Start Shooting Soon

And he teases a little about the plot.

The guns on her belt will probably pack live rounds, this time.
The guns on her belt will probably pack live rounds, this time.

Thanks to his book, REBEL WITHOUT A CREW, and all the extensive behind-the-scenes featurettes on his movies’ DVDs, I’ve gotten some insight into Robert Rodriguez’s “Mariachi-style” production process. The guy’s made 11 flicks in the last ten years and, because he’s cut a most of the usual middle men out of the arrangement, I get the sense that his movies get made on the basis of when his interest and availability align - - instead of the other external factors the typically intrude, too. Thus, even though it’s been (yikes!) six years since SIN CITY’s release, I’ve had little doubt that long-discussed sequel would eventually get made - - and rather quickly - - whenever his calendar matched up with Frank Miller’s.

Miller did a video interview with MTV Geek at NYCC which would seem to confirm that alignment, finally. He’s been busy in the intervening years with THE SPIRIT, HOLY TERROR and the 300 companion piece, XERXES, of course, but he says that he and Rodriguez have been brainstorming in his studio lately. They could be shooting SIN CITY 2 as soon as next spring, actually...

== TEASER ==

What will it be about, though? Confirming the long-held assumptions, it’ll adapt A DAME TO KILL FOR and the short, JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT (Dwight and Marv stories, respectively,) and then feature brand new portions starring Jessica Alba. That would certainly corroborate the earlier discussions of a sequel to THAT YELLOW BASTARD which would show Nancy Callahan taking revenge on the mob who took Hartigan away from her...

Then again, by Miller’s own admission, these ideas flux frequently, so that all could all certainly change. I figure A DAME TO KILL FOR is probably going to have be re-worked anyway because of Shellie's prominent role and Brittany Murphy's tragic passing. I highly doubt the character will be recast.