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Frank Miller May Write More SIN CITY

Director Robert Rodriguez revealed that the upcoming SIN CITY sequel may involve two new stories by Miller.

Regardless of what you think of Frank Miller and his most recent work in comics, you can probably appreciate his work on SIN CITY. Those of you who enjoyed the graphic novel probably also caught the film which Miller teamed up with director Robert Rodriguez to make. Overall, the modernized-crime noir film was a success at the box office when it was first released; appealing to both comic fans and avid moviegoers alike; so when the green light for a second 'Sin City' film announced last week, many were on the edge of their seats anticipating details.

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During the blue-ray release of one of Rodriguez's very first films, 'Roadracers,' the director of Sin City 2 revealed that he has already begun thinking about the film's production. According to him, many old faces will be returning for the film's sequel including Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson who plan on reprising their roles. The director went on to reveal even more information about the film, citing that he will be maintaining the structure we saw in the previous film and incorporate them into the sequel.

We still have to cast. I'm shooting "Machete" next month, and we go right into "Sin City." It might overlap, but we haven't done any casting yet, except for the people who we know are already in it and returning. "A Dame to Kill For," all those people come back. I just had lunch with Mickey [Rourke] this weekend. He's all excited to come back, but he's probably the first one. I saw Rosario [Dawson] too. I ran into her for something else, and she's pumped. They've always been excited about doing another one, so that will be fun.

The next film will likely adapt Miller's SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR, but Rodriguez says he still plans on maintaining the structure of the previous film -- meaning this one will incorporate A DAME TO KILL FOR but then also be split into three parts. This means that there is a good chance Rodriguez will have Frank Miller come up with two all-new SIN CITY stories.

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We really did like the structure of the first film. I was kind of greedy, I loved so many of those stories that I kind of jammed three of them together and put a wrap-around -- but it kind of worked because it's Sin City and anything can happen. So I thought let's follow that structure because if we only did one story then the audience might feel cheated that they didn't get a bigger glimpse of it, especially having waited so long. So let's go back to the three-story structure. We'll take A DAME TO KILL FOR which already pre-exists, and then have Frank come up with two more new stories and a wrap-around so that it feels similar in structure to the first one but still feels more expanded than that.

Some stories are so good that they should just be left alone; even if the creator that developed them decides to make more. Is SIN CITY one of these books? The thing about this particular series is that when Frank originally published SIN CITY, it was completely out of chronological order; so the idea of Frank inserting new SIN CITY stories into the picture isn't all that crazy. The question is, though, where should Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez take SIN CITY?

Source: MTV