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Four Biggest Ways DC's 'The New 52' Has Changed Supergirl

We have seen numerous versions of the girl of steel over the years. Is this another new interpretation or one more similar to what we've recently seen?

DC's 'The New 52' continues and each issue builds up the suspense in what we're going to get. Some characters remain virtually untouched from before while others have been given tweaks and changes as the DC Universe moves forward in a new direction. We have already seen some of the changes with Superman in the pages of Justice League #1 and Action Comics #1. Now it is time to see what changes Superman's cousin is facing.

Supergirl is a character that has changed several times over the years. Originally she started out as Kal-El's cousin, Kara Zor-El. After her death in Crisis on Infinite Earths, we saw the Matrix version of Supergirl, from a parallel universe. Then we had 80 issues of Peter David's Linda Danvers version. A return to the character's original roots, courtesy of Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner, gave us the return of Kara. She was older than Superman but had been in suspended animation longer, thus she was still considered a seventeen-year-old girl.

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In the little glimpses of this new DC Universe, the attitude towards superheroes has changed. This is something Supergirl will be facing. From the first issue, it is evident that we will be seeing some changes. There will be some minor spoilers below. Be sure to check out the issue. These are the biggest changes that have happened to Supergirl.

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Her Arrival

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If we stick with the recent version, Kara's Kryptonian ship crashed into Gotham Harbor a couple years ago (in comic time). She emerged fully nude and it was Batman that was the first to encounter her after running from the local law enforcement. Supergirl does crash on Earth in a ship still. Her location is completely different. The impact of the ship results in Supergirl coming out in a completely different location. Let's just say, "We're not in Kansas anymore..."

With the amount of force and impact her ship causes, it's obvious that her arrival will not go unnoticed. She is immediately met by humans but you'll have to read the issue to see what sort of welcoming committee she encounters.

Her Clothing

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I mentioned how originally she arrived with no clothing. Despite many of 'The New 52' books focusing on the...female form, Supergirl was allowed to emerge from her ship fully dressed. Not only was she fully dressed, but she had on her (new) costume.

What we don't know is why she arrives wearing it. Actually, she doesn't even know why she's wearing it. She mentions the significance of the suit but is ready for action with all her private bits covered up when she is greeted by humans. We all know the skirt is gone. She is now wearing what looks like a bathing suit with a cape and some interesting thigh-high boots. We are talking fancy Kryptonian fashion so who are we to judge what she wears?

Her Memory

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When Supergirl arrived last time, she knew what was going on. Here, Supergirl believes she is dreaming at first. She has no idea where she's at. She doesn't understand why it's snowing and she's cold. She doesn't know why she's wearing her costume. She finds herself on a strange planet and doesn't have any answers.

There is mention of her parents. It remains to be seen what part they play into her arriving on Earth. We can assume that part will remain the same. She was sent before Krypton's destruction. What we don't know is her relationship to Kal-El. Yet another reason to read the next issue.


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Kryptonians have different powers in 'The New 52." That's what we can gather from Action Comics #1. Superman was younger and clearly less powerful. Superman couldn't fly and struggled a little with his strength. Supergirl shows sign of being cold in the snow. This makes perfect sense if she's been trapped in a ship for (what we assume) is many years.

We've seen stories where the ship was designed to collect energy from the sun and Superman emerged from his ship with superpowers. Because of his portrayal in Action Comics, we have to assume that he's been slowly building up his powers. Yet when Supergirl is first exposed to Earth's sun, she is suddenly showing superhuman abilities. It's been said that Supergirl is more powerful than her cousin. Could that be the case and she simply processes the sun's energy more quickly and efficiently or is there another reason for this sudden burst or strength and powers?

What other changes will there be? What is her attitude like? What will she think of Superman? Where is she going to live and with who? These are just some of the questions we'll have to continue reading to see how everything unfolds. Supergirl is off to a great start. We may have lost some history since it's easy to assume this story takes place in current times (based on the appearance of a character at the end). This book also shows that you don't need to inject sexual elements in order to make a relaunch book interesting.