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Fond Memories: X-Men 2099

You forgot this existed? Didn't you?

  Featuring a shiny hologramish cover!
 Featuring a shiny hologramish cover!
Xi'an, Meanstreak, Skullfire, Metalhead. These names probably don't mean much to you, or these names utterly confuse you, but they mean a lot to me. They are some of the members of X-Men 2099, a sleek, super-cool, gimmicky comic from Marvel in 1993. I was 11 years old at the time, and I was the same age during The Death of Superman which I talked about last week, and I was really into a couple things: The number one issues of comic books, and anything shiny. X-Men 2099 was a perfect package for me. It was the first time I collected a series monthly, and the first complete series I would own up until I reached my mid-twenties. X-Men 2099 has a special place in my heart as the first terrible comic I loved.
I call this a terrible comic based on the assumption that it doesn't hold up to my snooty standards of today, and that I have read the series in at least a decade. But honestly, who cares what I think now? What's most important is what the 11 year old version of me thinks about this book. So, I took a time machine and interviewed myself in 1993. While frighting to the younger version of myself because I've become quite the monster 17 years later. The younger version of me eventually settled down and had this to say about X-Men 2099.
== TEASER ==
11 Yr Old I.E.: It's a number one! The number one issue of a comic is the best place to start, and plus it will be worth like a million dollars in the future. I can retire by selling this one single comic. Then I can buy a flying car or something. Also, the comic is based in 2099. So, like in 2099, I can sell it for a billion dollars! 
::Lil' I.E. stops and does the math, realizing he'll be 117 years old in 2099::
11 Yr Old I.E.: It'll be the future, so 117 years old won't be that old. Like did you see these characters? Look how cool Skullfire is! He doesn't have the make-up on inside the cover, but he will. And Xi'an's powers of life on one hand and death on the other is so original! Plus it's the X-Men and everything the X-Men are in is usually the best. I think this series will continue forever!
  Spoiler Alert: You won't care who dies because the character sucked and it's only the third issue.
 Spoiler Alert: You won't care who dies because the character sucked and it's only the third issue.
Wow, thanks 11 year old version of me! Seriously though, this is everything I thought about this book, from just the cover. My actual memories of reading it are hazy at best, except when Serpentina died in issue three... She should had stayed off the cover to avoid her grizzly fate... and then resurrection from the Graverobber! Later on, some interesting characters were introduced like Luna and Halloween Jack, but this book died an ugly death after Atlantis re-rose and confused me to a point where I bought the issues but only skimmed them. 
It's a genius marketing tool though. Just thrust everyone into the future 106 years, call it X-Men, and watch the kids flock to it. Make it incredibly familiar by essentially copying comics that already exist and giving them new names. I may seem bitter, but there's still a place in my heart for my first series. Stay tuned tomorrow for a review of the first issue! 
~Mat "InferiorEgo" Elfring is a comedian, teacher, comic book writer, comic store employee, and a sucker.