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Five Revelations About Pandora in JUSTICE LEAGUE #6

The mysterious pink lady in the DC "New 52" comics gets the spotlight and new details emerge.

Ever since the last issue of FLASHPOINT and all the first issues of "The New 52," we've been wondering who the mysterious glowing pink lady was. When Barry Allen was trying to sort out the Flashpoint timeline, the lady spoke to him about combining the 'history of heroes' that was shattered into three. This lead to the new DC Universe we've been reading for the past six months. Since that first appearance, we've only seen her standing around observing random events, many appearing to be of no major importance.

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It was later revealed that her name was Pandora. Her role in the DC Universe was unknown but we were told big things were coming. With her appearance in the back-up story in JUSTICE LEAGUE #6, we're starting to get some answers. There are still plenty of unanswered questions but this is the start of something big.

If you haven't read JUSTICE LEAGUE #6, there will be some spoilers below. We won't reveal everything that the issue has to offer but you have been warned.

== TEASER ==

Pandora's Face

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In her Flashpoint appearance, we saw a little of her face. It was under her cloak and we couldn't see full details. There were some markings but now we get a clear look at what she looks like. Her face and body was always in shadows.

Seeing her face, we're immediately reminded of Zealot. We have seen some WILDSTORM characters in the "New 52" but Zealot hasn't been seen yet.

Regardless, being Zealot wouldn't make sense. She seems older and bigger than the average character in the DC Universe. We now know she has a humanoid face.

As to why she has those markings, we'll have to wait and see.

Pandora Knows Phantom Stranger

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Who is Phantom Stranger? Pandora sure knows. Phantom Stranger first appeared way back in 1952. His origin has never been told and his real name has never been revealed.

Phantom Stranger questions her actions towards messing with the universe and asks why she's observing everything. He also mentions others of higher power not being pleased with her actions. When he threatens her and asks for possession of a 'box' she has, she's quick to retaliate, showing she is capable of doing more than just stand around watching everyone.

Pandora also reveals that she knows who Phantom Stranger really is. She points out that he would have more enemies than she does if she revealed his true name.

She's Been Judged by a Higher Power

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When Phantom Stranger encounters her, he points out she's lucky Spectre wasn't sent after her. This doesn't phase her and she comments that she's already been judged by a higher power. It feels as if she's working alone in realigning the universe but there appears to be others she would have to answer to. The fact that she's already been judged makes you wonder if her merging the three timelines was all her idea or if she is working under the orders or approval of others.

Her Actions Strengthened Reality

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The state of the DC Universe has never fully been stable. There used to be an infinite number of parallel universes. CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS did away with all that. Eventually more worlds started popping up and there were 52 existing.

Pandora's actions appears to have merged three of those worlds (Earth-0, the regular DC world, Earth-13, the Vertigo world and Earth-50, the Wildstorm world). If there were only 52 worlds or timelines, why were these three chosen? Why did they have to be combined in order to strengthen reality? We know Earth-2 exists but we don't know if others have been created to keep the number at 52, or if we're back to an infinite number.

Pandora is Cursed and has a Mission

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Pandora isn't messing with the timelines just for the heck of it. There's a reason for her actions. She doesn't seem to have a choice in the matter. She tells Phantom Stranger that she is cursed and has to continue with what she's doing. Merging the timelines in Flashpoint was apparently just the beginning. To finish her mission, she's going to need the Justice League's help. What role they'll play or when exactly we'll see their recruitment to her cause remains to be seen.

Other Points

As mentioned, this isn't everything the six pages revealed about Pandora. There is still more to see. It is worth mentioning that she has an interesting form or self-defense. Her tactics and abilities are definitely interesting. This back-up story didn't tell us everything we wanted to know about Pandora but what we do see definitely arouses our curiosity even more. There is also the question of whether or not she has anything to do with a certain development in the Justice League portion of the issue.

Now we just need to wait for her next appearance.