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Five New Developments from Superman: Doomed

Take a look at what's changed since the start of this arc.

Recently, three Superman books, all connected in the same story arc, were released for those who love to story-binge: SUPERMAN: DOOMED #1, ACTION COMICS #31, and SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #8. All of these were part of the same Doomed story line. This cross-over event, located in just Superman's books, promised to give readers something new, in a very big way.

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In SUPERMAN: DOOMED #1, Superman discovers that Doomsday is back and on a destruction-spree in the Bahamas. However, Doomsday is more powerful than ever, and even though Wonder Woman and Steel are trying to help, only Superman is strong enough to face him.

If you read the first three parts of this story, then you probably caught these points, so we'll take another look at them and find out what they really mean, but this is a warning. There are spoilers ahead for these issues.

Doomsday is Deadlier than Ever

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In the past, with stories like The Death of Superman, we've seen the brute strength and invulnerability that Doomsday has to offer. He's one of the few characters that can go toe-to-toe with Superman, and he's always evolving to become a stronger and deadlier foe. During this story line, we learn that not only is Doomsday still incredibly tough and destructive, but he is now emitting a poison which affects most people by killing them. The poison is airborne, but not contagious. And while Superman defeats Doomsday in physical battle, he sucks up all the airborne poison to save those around him. This event is the catalyst for the whole story.

Chances of seeing the real Doomsday again are pretty slim, but as this story moves on, especially during SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #8, we see the effects of the poison, which turns a character into Doomsday. This character can replicate himself by, in a sense, taking over other super-powered characters. Does this mean we could be seeing other Doomsdays in the future, ones "worthy" or strong enough to let the poison run its course?

Lex Luthor and Superman are Working Together

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Lex Luthor and Superman have been enemies as far back as anyone can remember. Lex is a character who wants it all: power, money, people worshiping him. He'll go to any lengths to get that, but usually, Superman is there to stop him. Since the events of FOREVER EVIL, readers have seen a change in the character. He's still a stubborn and arrogant character, but now he's fighting for the greater good. In SUPERMAN: DOOMED #1, Lex wants Superman to leave the planet to fight Doomsday, so no one else gets hurt on Earth, and Superman agrees.

This partnership is working because they're putting aside their differences and both coming to the agreement that leaving is best for the planet. What does this mean for the future? Will they continue to have a relationship? It seems like, since the last issue of FOREVER EVIL isn't out yet, that Lex is a tentative member of the Justice League because he chose to work with the good guys during that story. What kind of long-effects will this have on Superman?

Batman and Wonder Woman Have Keys to the Fortress of Solitude

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Superman's Fortress was a place for him to get away from everyone, since his super-hearing allows him to hear everything around him. It's a place that truly reflects the man behind the cape and it has everything from a place to put up his feet, to a whole slew of animals from other planets. The secrets of his past are stored there as well, but in SUPERMAN: DOOMED #1, Superman gave both Batman and Wonder Woman a key to the fortress.

This small moment could easily lead to larger events. It shows that Clark has all the trust in the world for the rest of the Trinity. Now that they both have a key, how long before Batman takes a trip down there just to make sure everything checks out? More importantly, how long before Lex Luthor gets a hold of one of those keys and finds a way in?

Steel is Back

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Since he's been introduced into the New 52, fans everywhere have watched John Irons evolve as the character Steel, but they've all been wondering "when are we going to see the original version of Steel come back?" Well, in ACTION COMICS #31, they got their answer. During SUPERMAN: DOOMED #1, during his fight with Doomsday, Steel became infected with the poison Superman is trying to fight off. Steel didn't die though, but his body was deteriorating. His solution was to dip himself into organic steel, which will give him some time to figure out how to fix everything.

While it's great to see the all-metal version of Steel return to comics, this doesn't mean he's safe. He is still infected, just like Superman. Does this mean things could get worse for him, before they get better? Who knows? This does mean that we get to see a tougher, more ready for battle Steel, who can be a real help to teams like the Justice League.

The Doom Infection Changes Your DNA

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Since Superman was infected with the doom poison, he's been through a lot of changes. He's angrier and having visions of hurting and killing people around him. In ACTION COMICS #31, we learn that the poison isn't just trying to kill him. It's changing him at the DNA level. Superman can't even get back into the Fortress of Solitude because he's becoming Doomsday. This is extremely apparent in SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #8.

While Superman ends up finding a way to repress the poison, it's only a short-term fix. Superman may become Doomsday again, and at that point, it's going to take the world's heroes fighting together to stop this monster. However, we won't learn more until SUPERMAN/BATMAN #11 and SUPERMAN #31, both releasing in May.

Those are just a few of the developments in the SUPERMAN: DOOMED story line. Keep reading on to see what else happens to the Man of Steel!