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Five Developments from GREEN LANTERN #8

What will the secrets of the Indigo Tribe reveal about Sinestro and the Green Lanterns?

The "New 52" DC Universe is in an interesting state. At its core, things are pretty much the same. We know who the characters are and what their origins are. Some characters have gone through bigger changes than others but the events in GREEN LANTERN have pretty much stayed the same.

Despite the lack of completely tweaking the GL Universe, we are seeing new developments month after month. It turns out that everything wasn't quite what it seemed. More is being added to what we thought we knew. We've been seeing glimpses of all the secrets being kept by Sinestro, the Guardians of the Universe and even the Indigo Tribe. With the Tribe wanting to convert Sinestro and teach him compassion, we're continuing to find out more information.

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The story of the Indigo Tribe may have just started last issue but big things are coming to light. If you haven't read GREEN LANTERN #8 yet, be sure to check it out in order to get the complete story. There will be some minor spoilers below.

== TEASER ==

The Indigo Tribe Can Infect Power Levels

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What does this mean? The Indigo Tribe has abducted Sinestro with the idea of converting him to their ways. They want him to learn and feel compassion. In order for that to happen, they need to cleanse him of his will power first. That means they need to cut Sinestro off from his power ring.

The idea that they can infect the power levels is pretty big. They may be about compassion but they are obviously following their own rules. Should the Green Lantern Corps or others want or need to put a stop to them, it looks like the Indigo Tribe might have a little advantage. Of course, infecting the power levels seems to be a process and doesn't simply happen within moments. What happens after this scene is worth seeing.

Indigo Lanterns Can Cycle Through the Emotional Spectrum

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When an imprisoned Hal Jordan was catching up with his former enemy, Black Hand, now part of the Indigo Tribe, he found out that Black Hand could cycle through the different emotions. Talking about fear, Black Hand started glowing with a yellow light. Above you can see him mention hope. The kicker is when Hal says he can't channel willpower. Hal was wrong.

This appears to make the Indigo Tribe even stronger. If they can channel or cycle through the other emotions and access their powers, it gives them an even bigger edge than we thought they had.

What does Simulated Energy Mean?

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We know Hal's been having power problems. Much to his dismay, when trying to use his ring, he found some limitations. This changes the way he can fight as immediately he got a pretty nasty piece of shrapnel in him (which of course didn't seem to phase him).

The bigger question is what does the simulated power mean? Why can it be simulated and to what purpose? This is something that needs to be investigated. It also has to be something the Guardians can't be too happy about, if they aren't already aware of this.

Hal Wants to Save Sinestro

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Sinestro is Hal's greatest enemy. When Sinestro came knocking on Hal's door, Hal told him he was done. He didn't care about the ring or Lantern Corps anymore. He had realized he wanted to be with Carol. That was to be his priority. But when the Indigo Tribe came for Sinestro, Hal found himself going along with them.

Now with Sinestro in the custody of the Indigo Tribe, Hal is determined to save him, despite the fact that he isn't fully powered. He mentions the fact that Sinestro knows quite a bit and has been revealing little tidbits here and there (since this series started). While what Sinestro knows is extremely important and beneficial to Hal, it almost seems as if Hal has another reason for wanting to save him. Could Hal be developing feelings of loyalty to Sinestro?

Abin Sur's Role with the Indigo Tribe

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This has been one of the biggest mysteries since the Indigo Tribe surfaced. Hal comes across a pretty big sign of Abin's involvement with the Tribe. We saw the flashback where Indigo-1 was imprisoned by Abin and we know his name is mentioned in their oath. As they get ready to pounce upon Hal, they mention that Abin Sur is their savior and creator. He saved them all.

So what does this mean for Sinestro? Why are they so determined to teach him compassion? There is mention of that and you'll have to read the issue to find out. Plus the last page is pretty epic.

As for what happens next, the revelations keep on coming. You're going to want to see what issue #9 has coming.