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Five Developments from GREEN LANTERN #7

"The Secret of the Indigo Tribe" begins and there will be some spoilers revealed here.

Ever since the War of Light story arc, we've seen several different Lantern Corps arise. The most mysterious one is the Indigo Tribe. With their oath in a language others do not seem to understand, we've been left wondering what exactly they are saying and why Abin Sur's name is part of it. We also know that Abin Sur imprisoned Indigo-1, another mystery we've been waiting to unravel.

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Now with "The Secret of the Indigo Tribe" beginning in GREEN LANTERN #7, we're bound to finally get some answers. Because this is the first issue in the arc, we obviously won't get all the answers immediately. There are some new developments though that are moving the story along and changing certain aspects for several characters. There will be spoilers below so be sure to read GREEN LANTERN #7 if you haven't already.

== TEASER ==

Hal Jordan is Finally Getting his Priorities Straight

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Hal Jordan has been the number one Green Lantern for quite some time now. He's done things that others could never do. He pretty much gave up all aspects of his personal life in order to serve the Green Lantern Corps. Even after having his power ring taken away from him by the Guardians, he was willing to work with Sinestro in order to gain a new one.

Hal has recently figured out those days are behind him. He decided that Carol Ferris is more important to him than being a Green Lantern. When Sinestro came knocking and told Hal they had "work to do," Hal told him he was done. He told Sinestro to take the ring he made for him and leave them alone.

The Indigo Tribe Believes Sinestro Belongs to Them

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We don't know what, besides compassion, drives the Indigo Tribe. They suddenly appeared and demanded that Sinestro go with them. Overpowering him, they took him and mentioned that the Guardians made a mistake in letting him keep the power ring after it went to him. For reasons unknown, they claim Sinestro belongs to him. Perhaps their goal is for Sinestro to serve them just as Black Hand does.

Carol Makes a Decision

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What ever happened to Carol being a member of the Star Sapphire Corps? When this volume of GREEN LANTERN began, Carol was back on Earth and there was no mention to her position within the Star Sapphire Corps.

When Hal appeared to be in trouble against the Indigo Tribe, Carol couldn't simply sit back and do nothing. It turned out she still has a Star Sapphire ring but had stopped wearing it and possibly severed her connection to the Corps. She didn't want to have to do it but she had no choice but to put the ring back on.

The Guardians Want the Book of the Black

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Those pesky little blue Guardians are still up to no good. Last issue we saw Sinestro defeat Lyssa Drak and before taking her to Oa to be locked up, he took the Book of the Black from her. The fact that she doesn't have the book is something that the Guardians aren't too happy about. We know the Guardians plan on replacing the Green Lantern Corp and are in search of "the First Lantern," but it seems that they need the Book of the Black in order to find this Lantern. In obtaining the book, they are willing to kill Lyssa for knowing too much and one is willing to kill the Lantern that is watching over sciencells. The Guardians just seem to be getting more and more evil.

Hal Encounters Black Hand Once Again

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Black Hand caused quite a bit of a ruckus earlier. Before becoming known as Black Hand, William Hand became obsessed with death. When Atrocitus came looking for him, he was actually saved by Hal and Sinestro (this was before Sinestro was first banished from the Green Lantern Corps).

Hand later became responsible for Blackest Night and bringing about the Black Lantern Corps.

After his defeat, he was taken by the Indigo Tribe, where he serves as their captive servant.

When Hal is face to face with him, he wonders what's going on. Hand recites some of the Indigo Tribe oath and tells Hal that they are "all saved" and Sinestro will be as well.

The Indigo Tribe is supposed to be about compassion. Black Hand did a lot of bad things during Blackest Night so you have to wonder why they would want him to be part of their tribe. We also have to wonder why Indigo-1 was locked up by Abin Sur.

We don't get those answers here but we should soon find out what exactly the Indigo Tribe is up to.

Once again, not everything from the issue has been revealed here. Make sure to pick the issue up from your local comic shop to see the other events that unfolded here. Things are starting to get crazy.