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Five Developments from GREEN LANTERN #12

Hal Jordan and Sinestro are still working together against Black Hand. When prophecies are revealed from the Book of the Black, you know everything is about to change.

There's been a lot going on in the pages of GREEN LANTERN since the New 52 started. Sinestro was chosen to become a Green Lantern once again, Hal Jordan has been stripped of his power ring, Hal has been forced to work with Sinestro in order to get a ring created by Sinestro, the Guardians of the Universe are plotting to create a "third army" and replace the Green Lantern Corps and Black Hand has been freed from the Indigo Tribe's influence and now has the Book of the Black.

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Despite so much happening, there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about this series. With the twelfth issue out now, the annual in a couple weeks and a zero issue next month, let's take a look at the latest revelations and get everyone up to date. There will be spoilers for GREEN LANTERN #12 so be sure to read that issue first. We won't disclose every absolute detail and you'll definitely want to read the issue to see how everything played out.

== TEASER ==

Hal Jordan can fry a person's brain

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In the old days, Green Lanterns weren't allowed to kill. That made sense if they were to be the universe's peacekeepers. As things heated up and the Corps found themselves in the midst of the Sinestro Corps War, the Guardians allowed the Lanterns to use extreme force if necessary

When Hal and Sinestro found themselves transported to Black Hand's family dinner, they needed a way to put him out of commission. Without a thought, Hal simply fried every synapse in Black Hand's head. Sinestro was actually a little surprised by this. Black Hand's body does have the ability to heal itself so this wasn't a fatal or permanent move. The fact that Hal could do and knew he could do it says something. Is this something he's going to use again if necessary?

Amanda Waller wanted Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire

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Who doesn't want Carol as Star Sapphire again? Maybe it was the outfit? (I'm kidding).

We know she still has her ring. After Hal finally realized that he was ready to give up his former life as a Lantern and be with Carol, Sinestro showed up demanding his help. As this was happening, the Indigo Tribe also showed up and both were transported away. Carol got her ring and was ready to put it on but apparently hasn't yet.

In this issue we see Carol taking a call from Amanda Waller. She lies and says she no longer has a Star Sapphire ring but it's clearly seen on her desk.

Sinestro wasn't actually chosen to become a Green Lantern again

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One of the shocking moments at the end of the previous volume of GREEN LANTERN was when a green power ring chose Sinestro to become a Green Lantern once again. As Hal Jordan's greatest enemy, it was surprising that he would be reinstated, especially after all the chaos and destruction he caused with the Sinestro Corps.

Now it turns out there actually was a reason. Actually we're not aware of what the full reason was but the Guardians were clearly involved. What we can gather from their conversation is the plan was to separate Sinestro from his Sinestro Corps. He's doubting his former ways and has been more supportive, in some ways, of the Green Lantern Corps.

Sinestro is willing to sacrifice his yellow power lantern

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This goes along with the Guardians' plan. In order to fight Black Hand, they needed the combined power of the green power battery and another. Sinestro was quick to offer up his yellow lantern. Hal took it as Sinestro's way to commit to the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro claimed that wasn't the case but deep down, he could be trying to deny the fact that he has been changing his way. As he's been working with Hal, there's bound to be something rubbing off on him.

Another crazy prophecy from the Book of the Black

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We've seen a lot of prophecies from the Book of the Black. The first we see on the second page tells Black Hand that "Hal Jordan is not your enemy." But that's nothing compared to what he sees later. You definitely need to see this doosey of a prophecy for yourself.

There's still some prophecies from issue #6 that haven't played out yet. Are these prophecies absolute? If so, there must be some big things coming in the GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL that's due in two weeks. The solicit for that annual doesn't sound too good for our heroes either. Make sure you catch up on this issue to find out how this story is going to end.

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