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Five Biggest Ways DC's 'The New 52' Has Changed Superboy

Is this the same Superboy we've known for the past few years? Here are some of the big changes. There WILL be some SPOILERS.

We're halfway through the first month of DC's 'The New 52.' We've looked at the changes with the Justice League, Superman and Batgirl. Superboy has evolved quite a bit over the years. From being a clone with an attitude in Reign of the Supermen to the heart of the Teen Titans, Conner Kent has risen to the top of the list of favorites among many readers.

With the new #1, there are some things that are familiar and others that are completely different. The very first covers shows an almost frightening image of what is supposed to pass for Superboy. With all those tubes and wires and mechanical arms, is the Superboy we know gone for good?

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The good news is it's not as scary as the cover might lead you to believe. Here are the biggest differences to Superboy as a result of the 'New 52.' There will be some minor spoilers below. Be sure to read the issue to witness these changes (and others) as a result of Superboy #1. Check out our review here.

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Superboy's Origin

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There are some obvious changes. Writer Scott Lobdell has mentioned some of them. Originally he was created by Project Cadmus. This time around, he was created by scientist in a group called N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

Superboy is still the result of being cloned from alien and human DNA. The true intentions of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. remains to be seen.

The Women Involved With His Creation

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Superboy has not one, but two women in his life. Not too shabby for someone that has only been alive for just over four months.

There's a little bit of controversy with the first, known as "Red" in this issue. Red is a "genius M.I.T. chick" that was brought in to work on the clone project. She is young and intelligent (she's also a doctor). The word on the streets (or at least the internet) is this is in fact Caitlin Fairchild. This is a huge change since Caitlin is originally from the Wildstorm universe. She was transformed into the powerhouse leader of Gen 13. It should be interesting to see how her character develops here.

The other woman is Rose Wilson who we all previously knew as Ravager, daughter of Deathstroke. Scott Lobdell has stated that it's possible Rose here never took on the Ravager identity. As for the nature of her can discover that when you read the issue.

Superboy Has a New Attitude

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Remember when Superboy first emerged from his cloning test tube? He immediately had a chip on his shoulder and declared, "Don't EVER call me Superboy!" Here, he has a more serene view on life. He is aware the scientists call him Superboy and that is his name. He shows signs of his immense power but is very calm about everything. He seems to be silently biding his time. Could he be a powder keg about to explode in the face of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.?

Superboy is Very Smart

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I wouldn't say Superboy was dumb before but he wasn't really known for having all the answers. The Superboy we knew busted out of his test tube right away and started living his life on his own. This Superboy has been aware of his stay at the lab. His consciousness has spread equally throughout his body to his every atoms. While the scientists have been studying him, he's been studying them. He doesn't know how he knows things, he is just able to recall facts. This should add another layer to him in future adventures. It makes sense that he should have a super-brain if you consider who his 'parents' were before. The idea of him being able to outthink his opponents will change the need for him to simply smash things as a way out.

His Costume

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A lot of heroes are getting updates to their costumes. Superboy is no exception. In his case, it's a containment suit provided by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to monitor his telekinesis. We have to assume there's another reason that will pop up that will make him want to continue to wear it. From the covers and pages we've seen to issue #2 and 3 he's still wearing it. Maybe it'll help him control his powers. It's possible he'll simply be willing to do what the scientists tell him. But that seems too far out of character. He does have a lot of power and is aware of his surroundings. It's only a matter of time that he'll decided he wants to do what he feels like rather than what he's told.

Again from the previews, Superboy and Rose will be going out on what appears to be a mission of sorts. How well they get along remains to be seen. How long will he allow N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to study him? Will Red turn into the Fairchild from the Wildstorm universe. Which one will capture his heart first?