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First Look: SILVER SURFER #1

Dan Slott and Michael Allred team back up for a new series.

Anywhere and Everywhere! This January, the sentinel of the starry space ways returns from the edge of the universe for the start of a thrilling new adventure in SILVER SURFER #1! Comic superstars and fan-favorite creative team of Dan Slott, Mike Allred and Laura Allred are back to chronicle the next chapter for Norrin Radd and Dawn Greenwood! The Silver Surfer has shown his companion Dawn Greenwood the cosmos. Taking her to the end of the universe and back, together they’ve experienced the weird, the strange and the fantastic. But now, the time has come to show her the most fantastic planet of all – Earth! Only she (and you!) have never seen it like this before. Monsters, magic, monumental moments and more! Plus – a secret that will change everything! Now is your chance to hop on BOARD the series that has the industry talking! Catch a cosmic wave when SILVER SURFER #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices this January!


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Written by DAN SLOTT


Variant Cover by MARCO RUDY (NOV150764)

Hip-Hop Variant by CLIFF CHIANG (NOV150765)

Baby Hip-Hop Variant by CLIFF CHIANG (NOV150766)

Deadpool Variant by WILL SLINEY (NOV150767)

FOC – 12/14/15, On-Sale – 01/13/16

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Avatar image for soup95
Posted By Soup95

I wish Dan Slott would leave Silver Surfer alone.

Avatar image for kidchipotle
Posted By kidchipotle

That last variant is gorgeous except for the fact Deadpool, who I love, is ruining it

@soup95 said:

I wish Dan Slott would leave Silver Surfer alone.

You mean Silver Dr Who? Heh

Avatar image for fables87
Posted By fables87

Why are they going back to issue one?

Avatar image for johnny_blaze
Posted By johnny_blaze

This will be the first time I read a Silver Surfer book. Hopefully,it won't be the last.

Avatar image for ultimatepower6
Posted By UltimatePower6
Avatar image for soup95
Posted By Soup95

@johnny_blaze: I hope you like it, but Dan Slott's version of Silver Surfer is a lot different than how he typically is. If you don't like this comic run, I would try reading Stan Lee's Silver Surfer: Parable or some of the other comics written in the 80's to early 2000's

Avatar image for soup95
Posted By Soup95

@ultimatepower6: @kidchipotle summed it up perfectly. Silver Surfer in Slott's hands feels like a weird fanfic rather than an actual SS run. But that's just my opinion, and there's of course nothing wrong with liking Slott's take on this. It's just not for me. (But I am gonna buy it anyways cause I love the art)

Avatar image for squalleon
Posted By Squalleon

Are we kidding ourselves saying this is a new series?

Avatar image for galeme
Posted By galeme

The last series was great. Hope this will be even better.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae6527167c26
Edited By deactivated-5ae6527167c26

Go surfer

Avatar image for Feartheliving
Posted By FearTheLiving

@fables87 said:

Why are they going back to issue one?

Because the previous run was pre Secret Wars this takes place after I believe.

Avatar image for lantern1210
Posted By Lantern1210

Excited for this.

Avatar image for lvenger
Posted By Lvenger

Agreed with the above comments, Silver Surfer under Slott feels extremely odd and weird and not like a Silver Surfer comic at all. It is completely Silver Dr Who, not even a subtle inspiration but full on ripping off from Dr Who, from the play up of the 'tragic backstory' of the lone alien wanderer to the freaking female companion that Slott doesn't even hide. I like Dr Who but I don't want to see a Marvel character be a copycat of that, least of all the noble and wistful Silver Surfer.

Avatar image for donfelipe
Posted By DonFelipe

It's still a fantastic comic book! For a change, and a couple of years, I don't mind a different take on the Surfer and mashing it up a bit. This series feels right.

What doesn't feel right at all is Deadpool up there....

That last variant is gorgeous except for the fact Deadpool, who I love, is ruining it

Avatar image for luciferjonez
Posted By luciferjonez

Love Mike Allred's work and the addition of Dawn Greenwood humanized the surfer storyline greatly. I'll def. give this a go.

Avatar image for donmeca2020
Posted By donmeca2020

# I tried the last series when it first came out, and I was a silver surfer fan back in the 90s, this past run and now the new one coming out just isn't the same IMO. it seems like it's more about him and this girl wandering around and so fourth rather then how he was in the 90s, battling morg,terrax, mehisto, thanos etc....

I think Silver Surfer is a bad ass character, however the direction they currently have him in is just different... that probably why I took it off my pull list after issue 4.

Avatar image for renchamp
Posted By Renchamp

Deadpool planking on a surf board. Nice. I can't wait for this to start. Allred is killing it in these stories.

Avatar image for kid_america
Edited By kid_america

Can we skip the Marvel BS Pre and Post Secret Wars numbering and just say this is Silver Surfer issue #16 since the relaunch was never officially cancelled and Silver Surfer and Dawn were pretty much ignored in Secret Wars. Personally this Silver Surfer series has been a breath of fresh air making the Surfer/Norrin much more accessible and relatable. I really enjoy Silver Surfer the explorer to Silver Surfer galactic party pooper, herald of doom, superhero wet blanket, woe is me, brooding Emo Goth attitude.

Avatar image for rubear
Posted By Rubear
Avatar image for galacticshrub
Posted By galacticshrub

I feel like the last run was consistently the best thing Marvel has put out over the last year. Every issue did something new and innovative. The introduction of Dawn Greenwood into the Surfer's world has done so much to develop character and make him more relateable. Sure, there are some similarities to the formula for Doctor Who, but I wouldn't say that's necessarily a bad thing, since it's a formula that works. As someone who has followed both pretty religiously in recent years, I'd say the similarities don't extend too far beneath the surface. This book still holds true to the history and personality of the Surfer, while not being afraid to take him to new places.

I suppose that every time a writer tries to do something new with a character, there will always be the fans who complain because it's not what they're used to. They want to be able to tune in and find the character exactly as they left them, regardless of when they tuned out. However, I would personally much rather follow a book a with a writer who isn't afraid to take risks in order to try to develop the character, rather than watch them stagnate. I think Slott is one of the best writers Marvel has right now, and I'm really stoked to see where he takes the character next. And of course, Allred's art remains completely out of this world, as is perfectly fitting for this series.

Avatar image for madeinbangladesh
Edited By MadeinBangladesh

Did Secret Wars change barely anything!?!?!?


Avatar image for dathomiesilversurfer
Posted By DatHomieSilverSurfer

I understand the hate for this series, but I love it. I've read/collected almost every book surfer has been in, and it's a nice change of pace to get one so focused on the exploration aspects of the limitless universe surfer inhabits. I definitely prefer this take to Surfer being constantly shoe-horned into other characters series to make them look more powerful. Admitted, I definitely prefer his lee-buscema personality or the way he was written in the 50ish issues of v.3, but we haven't had a GREAT Surfer canon story in some time, so him doing his own interesting things is definitely a boon.

Norrin Rad(ical), baby

Avatar image for sternfan99
Posted By Sternfan99

I miss the art from the 80's-90's.

I hate this oversaturated cartoony style...

Avatar image for the_impersonator
Edited By The Impersonator

This series will get surfed.

Avatar image for magnetic_eye
Posted By magnetic_eye

I miss the art from the 80's-90's.

I hate this oversaturated cartoony style...


Yep, I miss 80's & 90's Silver Surfer too. Heck I miss all earlier versions of him. This new whimsical style just doesn't cut it for me.

I love Dr Who, but imposing that style into the Silver Surfer just seems silly.

Avatar image for BappyRonChantin
Posted By BappyRonChantin

A character like Silver Surfer deserves better art