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First Look: RUNAWAYS #1

The Runaways are coming to Battleworld!

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They are the brightest teens, brought together from all corners of Battleworld to attend the prestigious Doom Institute in the planet’s capital. But this June, they’re going to become…Runaways! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at RUNAWAYS #1, as the cult-favorite hit comes to Secret Wars courtesy of rising comic stars Noelle Stevenson (NIMONA, Lumberjanes) and Sanford Greene (Uncanny Avengers)! Classes, exams, detention. Seems like a normal school, right? Except your headmaster is actually a diabolical super villain, and the final exam is a brutal match to the death! Only one solution: RUN AWAY! Now, super powered teens Molly Hayes, Jubilee, Bucky Barnes, Cloak & Dagger, Amadeus Cho, Skaar and a few new faces are set loose on Battleworld. If they survive the horrors of the Secret Wars, they just might learn a thing or two. Prepare for a new twist on a modern Marvel classic perfect for fans old and new when RUNAWAYS #1 hits comic shops this June!

RUNAWAYS #1 (APR150727)



Variant Cover by PHIL NOTO (APR150728)

FOC – 05/25/15, On-Sale – 06/17/15

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Avatar image for atheistknowledge
Posted By AtheistKnowledge

Is.. Is that you Skaar?

Avatar image for nickinacage
Posted By NickInACage

Do I see Bobby and Bucky?

Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

Is.. Is that you Skaar?

Yeah not sure I'm a fan of this version

Avatar image for redhush1
Posted By RedHush1

Awwwwh! Bucky looks like that outcast in the school who singles himself out from everyone!

Avatar image for frozenedge2
Posted By frozenedge2

Good lord Skaar looks terrible.

Avatar image for nappystr8
Posted By nappystr8

I wonder how old-school Runaways fans will react to this series.

Avatar image for incslayer
Posted By INCSlayer

@nappystr8: as an old school Runaways Fan my reaction is this:



BOOOO where are the rest of them

Avatar image for rubear
Edited By Rubear
Avatar image for superhoodie
Posted By superhoodie

It looks amazing.

Avatar image for medulaoblaganda
Posted By medulaoblaganda
Avatar image for ostyo
Posted By Ostyo

Well, glad Molly is in it. :)

Avatar image for wmarshal
Posted By wmarshal

Skaar NOOO! Prophet heal my eyes!

Avatar image for imaginecomics123
Edited By ImagineComics123

@nappystr8: Well, I'm happy that there's FINALLY another Runaways book but, like everything else in the new Secret Wars lines, it can hit really hard and be a great read or fall flat on its face and kill the book... again. I'm hoping for the former. So. Fingers crossed.

Also, Molly is a great character (and one of my favorite heroes of all time) but I'd prefer more familiar faces. Victor? Chase? Nico? Maybe even Old Lace?

Avatar image for champion99
Posted By Champion99
Avatar image for mrmazz
Posted By MrMazz

This is the Secret Wars tie in that I am most excited for.

Avatar image for myfavoriteviltrumite23
Posted By MyFavoriteViltrumite23
Avatar image for raggedscarecrow
Posted By RaggedScarecrow

Looks like we got pre-Quest for Magik Pixie there as well, albeit with black hair instead of pink. It also looks like Molly has adopted this version of Jubilee as a replacement Nico. Not sure how I feel about that. Still, happy we're getting a Runaways series at all.

Avatar image for snape
Posted By Snape

I know Brian K. Vaughan is bussy at Image but he's said before that given the right opportunity he would return to Runaways. I'd love to see the classic team assembled again by him.

Avatar image for pixel_kaiser
Posted By Pixel_Kaiser

You guys are crazy, this looks incredible.

Avatar image for rubear
Posted By Rubear
Avatar image for greenscar1990
Posted By GreenScar1990

Good lord Skaar looks terrible.

@frozenedge said:

Good lord Skaar looks terrible.


@wmarshal said:

Skaar NOOO! Prophet heal my eyes!

Is.. Is that you Skaar?

Just be thankful that it's some lame alternate version of the character. I just hope that post Secret Wars we have the return of the 616-Skaar in the comics. We need a savage, cunning barbarian Hulk. Skaar definitely fits that bill. Plus, I've always wondered what it would be like if he'd encounter the Maestro.

Avatar image for maddpanda531
Posted By Maddpanda531

Looks cool, I'll probably pick it up.

Avatar image for wmarshal
Posted By wmarshal

@greenscar1990: That depends how well this book does. Which sucks, I love Runways(wish this was more the actual runways and not just using the name but what can you do). It is like making me pick which I want more, the Skaar I have come to love or the Runways.

Avatar image for blackkitty
Posted By blackkitty

Pass. Has only one character I like, The art to me looks cartoonish and no Niko. Pass

Avatar image for the_impersonator
Posted By The Impersonator

I'll run away to get this issue.

Avatar image for rexic
Posted By Maverick7

i wish karolina was in it too. she and molly are the best of the runaways

Avatar image for kidchipotle
Posted By kidchipotle

I was looking forward to this but...pass....not a fan of the art...

Avatar image for daredevil21134
Posted By daredevil21134


Avatar image for zombietag
Posted By zombietag

this doesnt look anything like runaways...

Avatar image for teerack
Posted By Teerack

Cant wait.

Avatar image for black_wreath
Posted By black_wreath

The lack of Nico alarms me.

Avatar image for m1cal
Posted By M1cAL

@nappystr8: lemme tell you...i HATED the concept of this at first, but i'm slowly coming around. i just wish it had a completely new cast like the first set of teens, rather than reusing heroes that could've been used in other stories.

Avatar image for saintwildcard
Posted By SaintWildcard
Avatar image for kidchipotle
Posted By kidchipotle
Avatar image for saintwildcard
Posted By SaintWildcard
Avatar image for moogman13
Posted By IDontLikeBirds
Avatar image for saintwildcard
Edited By SaintWildcard

@idontlikebirds said:

Then however do you enjoy your comics? :P

I just look at the pictures, as for how I'm typing... I just hit the keyboard and if it looks good I press the big button on the corner

Avatar image for stahlflamme
Posted By Stahlflamme

I would have given every book featuring the runaways a chance, but with this cast and setting I only pick it up, if I hear good things about it. I just hope this team isn't continuing post secret wars.

Avatar image for mutant_god
Posted By Mutant God

Yeah for Molly

Aww I wanted Jubilee to still be a vampire not have her mutant powers.

Why does Valeria look the same age as Jubille or even Molly on that cover, shes half Molly's age she should be drawn as a wee little girl

Avatar image for gunswordfist_
Posted By gunswordfist_

Ugh, I stopped reading during the synopsis and I only recognize one Runaway. When did the series become The Faculty?

Avatar image for champion99
Posted By Champion99

I don't think the other Runaways would belong back in a Runaways book. Except Karolina and Klara. All the other wouldn't fit as Runaways. Victor has joined the A.I. Avengers. Chase and Nico are famous. And all of them are above 18 now. They can't stay runaways forever. I think the should have a new team that has actual teens with Molly, Klara, and maybe Karolina. Also, Molly should at least be 15 or 14.

Avatar image for waezi2
Posted By waezi2

So... We gonna get a New Warriors tie-in as well?

Avatar image for owie
Edited By Owie

Sigh. It would be better with more actual Runaways. I feel like these Secret Wars series are made by throwing darts at a handbook and using those characters.

Avatar image for ren_
Posted By Ren_

I love it

Avatar image for bumburger
Posted By BumBurger

Loved the stylish artstyle like this and spider-gwen

Avatar image for nuec_sol
Posted By Nuec_Sol

Skaar is ruined now, maybe the The Runaways too

Avatar image for below0gaming
Posted By Below0Gaming

I'm so pumped for this UHHHHH

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