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Get a peek at some images of Wonder Woman in Grant Morrison's upcoming Wonder Woman OGN.

We've seen SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE and BATMAN: EARTH ONE, and now we get our very first peek at WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE by Grant Morrison.

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There has been plenty of talk about this particular project over the last few years or so and now we have our first real glimpse at artist Yanick Paquette's work on WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE. Like the SUPERMAN and BATMAN original graphic novels that were previously released, this Wonder Woman story will take place outside of continuity and will consist of approximately 120 pages. While we don't know much about the upcoming project, we do know that it will focus on both Diana and her mother, Queen Hippolyta. The image depicts Queen Hippolyta killing Hercules in a two page spread, and like the previous OGN's, this one will also be an origin story of sorts.

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The second image that was released on Zap2It earlier today is artist Cameron Stewart's work on MULTIVERSITY which is a series also being written by Grant Morrison that will consist of nine issues and will have Morrison exploring DC's multiple universes. We previously mentioned some news regarding Morrison's MULTIVERSITY project back in October when DC unveiled some pages for the series by artist Frank Quitely. Now we got a glimpse of some penciled pages by Cameron Stewart who will also be joining Morrison on the project. MULTIVERSITY is scheduled to be released sometime later this year. The image above is a page taken from the issue titled 'Thunderworld' that will center around Captain Marvel's character. This particular issue, according to Morrison, will be all-ages friendly.

What do you think of Morrison's two upcoming projects? Are you looking forward to his MULTIVERSITY series? What do you want to see in his Wonder Woman OGN?

Source: Zap2It