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First Look: Marvel Gives Us A Peek At CAPTAIN MARVEL #10

Get a look at the four-page preview to her self-titled series.

If ever you want to torture a pilot, take away their ability to fly: this is exactly the theme that Carol Danvers will be facing in the character's current series. In the last issue of CAPTAIN MARVEL, Carol Danvers had been issued some very bad news, but why is it she can no longer fly? What happened? And what will she do in the meantime now that she can't fly? Check out the four-page preview of the upcoming issue of her self-titled series below, and let us know if you plan on reading CAPTAIN MARVEL on February 20th.


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Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Captain Marvel #10 from the red-hot creative team of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Filipe Andrade! When Captain Marvel finds herself with her feet firmly planted in the ground, she must dig deep in order to find a way to get back in the air! But what keeps the super hero from being super heroic and who wants her to stay that way? Find out in Captain Marvel #10 including a guest appearance by Captain America, this February!

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art by Filipe Andrade

Cover by Joe Quinones

FOC – 1/28/12, ON SALE – 2/20/13

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Avatar image for stmichalofwilson
Posted By StMichalofWilson

Nice cover

Avatar image for redqueen
Posted By RedQueen

This looks really great :D Have to admit I absolutely love the art as well. (Even though there are some that absolutely hate it). And her mask is back! (briefly). ......Trust Carol to not pay any attention to the doctor.

Avatar image for z3ro180
Posted By z3ro180

looks good

Avatar image for trevel8182
Posted By Trevel8182

Man the story look's great but that art is so not for me.

Avatar image for the_stegman
Posted By the_stegman

That thank you.

Avatar image for cavemold
Posted By Cavemold

nicr cover . terrible art

Avatar image for cavemold
Posted By Cavemold

terrible interiors

Avatar image for edwardwindsor
Posted By EdwardWindsor

Caps bike looks cool ,i actually like the art myself been enjoying the series

Avatar image for batnandez
Posted By Batnandez

@Trevel8182: x2

Avatar image for chewish
Posted By Chewish

Why does Cap look like he weighs 300 lbs (and not in muscle)?

Avatar image for dreamfall31
Posted By dreamfall31

I for one like the non-traditional art!

Avatar image for haydenclaireheroes
Posted By haydenclaireheroes

Don't like the art, but last issue made me get back into the series.

Avatar image for crackdown
Posted By Crackdown

Her legs are freakishly long

Avatar image for duo_forbidden
Posted By Duo_forbidden

Holy crap, I love the artwork. Really need to start reviewing this series.

Avatar image for maxicere
Posted By maxicere

Beautiful art!!

Avatar image for queenfrost_
Posted By queenfrost_

I like the indie style art! loving carol's hair too. And omfg carol/steve interactions yessss

Avatar image for judasnixon
Posted By judasnixon

I really love the art. I just don't know if it's a good match for this title. Well art is subjective......

Avatar image for rawrimadragon
Posted By RawrImADragon

Andrade is still on art! Woooo last issue was so beautiful!!

Avatar image for yung_ancient_one
Posted By Yung ANcient One
As far as I can see this series has changed artist as much as their decision to keep the mask on or not... also she changes her hair style more than an average female does. XP (+)
Avatar image for omgomgwtfwtf
Posted By OmgOmgWtfWtf

i <3 the little Carol fangirl. I want her as my avatar >:D

Avatar image for sentryman555
Posted By sentryman555

I haven't been reading Captaim Marvel so I'm a little confused about whats going on with her hair. Did she grow it out again? Or is this like a flashback or something?

Avatar image for millennium
Posted By millennium

its a shame that marvel has no idea on what to do with this character the arts pretty good the one negitive about it is that most of the characters look good and the some not so much but the storys for this series have been awful or just plain stupid

Avatar image for fantasgasmic
Posted By Fantasgasmic

the little girl dressed as Captain Marvel was adorable.

Avatar image for kennybaese
Posted By kennybaese

Huh. That art is... interesting. Can't decide if I like it or not. I'm leaving toward not, it looks like Kenneth Rocafort on acid to me, but I could see why people dig it.

Avatar image for dj1107
Posted By DJ1107

Ehhh The arts abit wonky but hey I like stylish art. Better the Greg Land.

Avatar image for redqueen
Posted By RedQueen

@sentryman555 said:

I haven't been reading Captaim Marvel so I'm a little confused about whats going on with her hair. Did she grow it out again? Or is this like a flashback or something?

The hair has a mind of its own..or rather, on the covers she has short hair. For the interior, long.

Avatar image for wavemotioncannon
Posted By WaveMotionCannon

Can't wait for this issue, I like how Carols condition prevents her from doing what she loves to do the most. The art is very different but I can live with it.

Avatar image for xanthiss
Posted By xanthiss

This is by far the best looking art to come out of Marvel in a long time. Well played Filipe. Well played.

Avatar image for snootchie_bootchies
Posted By snootchie_bootchies

the little girl is cute. I like that role model aspect.

Yeah, the art doesnt seem too great, but that shouldnt stop anyone from reading what looks to be a great story.

Avatar image for desean101
Posted By desean101

That art does it no good at all. They need a good artist on this book to get more people on the book because it is one of the Lowest books in the Big 2 now.

Avatar image for renchamp
Posted By Renchamp

I love the interiors. Is it enough to hook me...?

Avatar image for zoch81
Posted By Zoch81

not sure I like the art but that cover looks good

Avatar image for nuec_sol
Posted By Nuec_Sol

The art may look stylish some panels, but falls flat in many others.

Avatar image for cobaltarchangel
Posted By CobaltArchangel

severly underrated series! more people should read this if u dont mind the art. I personally kind of like it as a change of pace over other artists

Avatar image for cavemold
Posted By Cavemold

this book has high chance of being canned soon. from my sources

Avatar image for dj1107
Posted By DJ1107


If that happens. I swear to god I'm going to start kicking people in the chest.

Avatar image for dchero
Posted By DChero

not a big fan of the art

Avatar image for DanialCarroll
Posted By DanialCarroll

Sorry to be a downer, but Captain Marvel fell below Marvel's notorious 20,000 sales mark in December (#8), so just a heads up to its fans, it won't be around for much longer :(

Avatar image for gothamred
Posted By GothamRed

So why does carol have a fohawk on the cover but not in the issue?

Avatar image for meteorite
Posted By Meteorite

Brilliant cover, but I hate the interior art.

Avatar image for pyrogram
Posted By Pyrogram

The hell is wrong with her legs in the first picture or so? They are so logn"!

Avatar image for pspin
Posted By pspin

I like the art, and the story... this is a great series.

Avatar image for entee
Posted By entee

This book looks like so much fun! Energy just bounces off the page with the art!

Avatar image for charlieboy
Posted By charlieboy

This is a great series and if it Carol gets canceled yet again it just tells me that marvel does not take it's female characters seriously.

Avatar image for lorex
Posted By lorex

I really like the interior artwork. Its different and goes well with the series.

Avatar image for dj1107
Posted By DJ1107

@charlieboy: They just started to have a butt load of female lead book, how is that not taking them seriously? I honestly think we should blame the creeps who didn't buy the book for stupid reasons like "Mar-Vell is the only Captain Marvel" or "The art & story are crap."

Avatar image for foxxfireart
Edited By FoxxFireArt

The Lil's Captain Marvel is the cutest thing ever. Those panels are so adorable.

I don't get the anger toward the art. I think it's beautiful work. Great color, and the characters have personality.

I wonder what it says about the culture when people get so pissy when it comes to Captain Marvel?

Avatar image for cavemold
Posted By Cavemold

@DJ1107 said:


If that happens. I swear to god I'm going to start kicking people in the chest.lace

lace up your boots

Avatar image for distraction
Posted By Distraction

Filipe Andrade is going to take some getting used to, since I love this series I’m going to be getting this issue and the one after it and so on.

Avatar image for sexuallobster
Posted By SexualLobster

This art is.. cringe-worthy

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