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First Look: JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 Variant Covers

Cheetah and Wonder Woman are at each others' throats on the cover of the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE comic.

We are a month away from the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 and the next issue will feature the appearance of one of Wonder Woman's greatest foes; Cheetah. While the release of the issue isn't for a while yet, DC is all about getting fans excited about the release of their books; so its no surprise that they would give us a peek at artist Alex Garner's variant covers for the issue.

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The first is the variant cover for JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 featuring the two enemies in the heat of a battle with the Justice League in the background.

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If you pick up the digital combo pick you will get the cover where Cheetah has both Superman and Wonder Woman all tied up. What do you think of the two covers? Which is your favorite? Are you looking forward to seeing Cheetah go up against Wonder Woman and the Justice League?

Source: DC