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First Look: 'Fables #90: The Witches Part 4'

Check out the gorgeous preview images!

Check out the gorgeous preview images!

If you are like me, then Fables could very well be one of your absolute favorite comic book series. In which case, you may be just as excited as I am about feasting your eyes on the gorgeous preview images courtesy of Vertigo! Are you curious to see what will happen now that Frau Totenkinder is gone? The issue will be released on November 11, 2009, will you be picking this up? 

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Written by Bill Willingham 
Art by Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha 
Cover by Joao Ruas     
Published by Vertigo  
$2.99 US  
Mature Readers

 "Witches" Part 4! We continue our in-depth look at the inner workings, politics and intrigue of the 13th floor sorcerers group, this time focusing on the witch named (CENSORED for reader safety), who thinks she's the best candidate to take over leadership from Frau Totenkinder. Unfortunately for her, the infamous Black Forest Witch doesn't seem ready to give up the reins of power. As Maddy the Cat said just two issues back, "Everyone could see there was a showdown brewing between those two, and I've no intention of finding myself in the middle of it when it happens."