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First Look: Cully Hamner's 'Shade' #1 Variant Cover

Take a peek at the variant cover that will launch James Robinson's 'Shade' mini-series this October.

You may have caught our Big Live LIVE Show last Friday where we spoke to writer James Robinson on the set about his upcoming 'Shade' 12 issue mini series which will be in stores starting October 12th, 2011.

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If you missed that, however, you can still check out the podcast from a few weeks ago where we spoke to James about the 'Shade' mini-series and he went into depth discussing the 'Shade' series as well as the various time periods and locations that the 'Shade' will be traveling through during the series.

"There's a small group of books coming out in October...and the 'Shade' . It's 12 issues, one overriding story. I didn't want to do more Shade in Opal City, I wanted to try something a bit different. It starts in Opal City and then it goes to other parts of the DC Universe and all over the world. It falls into definite 3-issue arcs. I borrowed a leaf out of Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin where the artists styles match the feel of the story..."

The first three issues in the series will be illustrated by artist Cully Hamner, who also did the variant cover for the first issue. Issue four will be Darwyn Cooke, issues 5 to 7 are set in Barcelona and will be drawn by artist Javier Pulido, issue 8 is set in 1901 Paris and will be drawn by Jill Thompson, and issues 9 to 11 are set in present day London will be drawn by Frazer Irving, and issue 12 will be drawn by Gene Ha. The first issue of the 'Shade' hits store shelves on October 12th, 2011. Check out the full variant cover below.

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