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First Look at Spidey's Costume in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Come check out the changes Peter has made to his attire!

We've been getting plenty of news about Spider-Man's next film. We now know it'll include Rhino, Electro, Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn. Additionally, director Marc Webb has been tweeting from the set everyday with little hints to keep us guessing, too. But now over at, we have an official look at Peter Parker's new costume.

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Wow, I really like these changes. The modifications to webhead's costume definitely feel closer to the source material and less... well, alien-ish. In case the old costume is a bit blurry in your memory, below I have a side-by-side comparison of the new costume and the one used in The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Viners, are you a fan of this new costume or did you prefer the unique feel of the first outfit? Speak your mind below. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to hit theaters May 2, 2014.


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@Icon said:

So they caved in to pressure and changed it back to the Tobey suit. Oh well, at least Sipder-man fans will be happy.

Well they kinda HAD to make the first costume different. The first Amazing Spider-Man was the first in a new universe, which means they had to make the costume look different so that they wouldn't be compared even more to the Raimi trilogy.

That being said, I like it!

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Posted By thatDarkness

Really hope Garfield bulks up a bit in the next one. He was a bit too scrawny for my liking in the first one

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Posted By sora_thekey

The EYES! They are.... perfect!

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Posted By VioletPhoenix

Lookin' a little Superior Spider-Man there Pete..

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Posted By OldOldLogan

The first movie was ass, and the second has an even worse cast than the first. This suit looks JUST LIKE THE OLD SPIDER MAN MOVIES WITH TOBEY! WTF ARE THESE GUYS GETTING PAID FOR???

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Posted By grenade728

Wow, this looks awesome! I especially love the eyes.

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Posted By braynehurricane

@Z3RO180 said:

I'm likening the new design for ASM2 much better than the last one and ten times better than the Sam rami movies costume.

So far the only difference I can see from the Raimi suit is slightly bigger eyes so I don't know how exactly that makes it ten times better.

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Posted By BlueLantern1995

To get that big of a change there must be transistory costumes in the middle...I like it.

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Posted By HollowPrince665

Idk...I kinda liked the suit from ASM...all well. I cannot wait for this movie

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@Lt_Cmdr_Kicker said:

How underwhelming.. -______-

I figured they would have made it more unique, now it appears like the one from the comics..

Mr. Webb should have went with the superior spiderman suit or at least tried to upgrade the one from the 1st movie..


Say whaaaa?! XD

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous
@Peregrine said:
It looks too much like Toby Maguire's Spider-Man suit, liked the first ASM suit better, it was more original
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Posted By TheCommissar

Dropping the basketball material? I'm in favor of that.

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Posted By CitizenJP

Maaaan they shoulda just done this in the first place. :P

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Posted By nappystr8

My first thought when I read the title was 'stupid', then I saw the beutiful fan service in the eye pieces, and I'm really excited. I think the rest of the costume would have been better left unchanged, as he now looks too much like the Maguire Spidey, but the new mask just looks awesome.

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JUST PERFECT!!!! Just like in the comic!

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Posted By Ninjablade09

@regrivett said:

So, what happens to his old costume? Does he just keep it in the closet?

It would be cool if they showed that. Just a shot of him trying to decide which costume to wear.

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Posted By regrivett

@Ninjablade09: Agreed. Too often we just see the new one and the old one just vanishes. Show us some continuity Marvel movies.

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Posted By tomlikesfries

That looks a lot better than the first costume.

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Posted By Ninjablade09

@regrivett: Was just thinking it would be cool if they do what they did in Dark Knight. But his costume gets damaged so much early in the film that it would take awhile to repair and would be easier to make a new costume so he decides to change up the look.

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Posted By AdamWarlox

Yup, so far love the new costume. A change in the eyes makes so much difference.

I wonder if the new film is gonna go in a slightly "brighter" direction. The re-vamped costume seems to add some "fun" to Spidey's look, and I see a bit of sunshine poking out from behind him. Also, Electro and Rhino never came across as "dark" villains to me.

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Posted By Kentabulous

A couple of questions: How is this one different from the Raimi trilogy? Looks to be about the same. What do the gloves and boots look like? Will the boots have suction cups like the first film?

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Posted By VictorVonDoom_1

@sora_thekey said:

The EYES! They are.... perfect!

I keep staring at them eyes.

Although, I did like the costume from the first film. But this one is just better in every way possible.

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Posted By slade_wilson

Great! Totally Ultimate Spidey!

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Posted By KnightRise

Aw man, the ASM one was so unique

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Posted By ltbrd

@theoneA7: I'm hoping they keep the design of the gloves and boots (which had soles not suction cups) as I thought those were nice tweaks to the standard design.

As for the difference with the Raimi trilogy

1. Slimmer webbing lines. The Raimi trilogy suits all had thick webbing lines and thus there were far less of them throughout the suit. This suit has thinner lines and looks closer to the comic book version.

2. Eyes are more oval and bigger. Though the Raimi trilogy suit had larger eyes than the ASM suit, compared to this new one the Raimi suits eyes were more angled and came to a sharper point.

3. The spider emblem is elongated compared to the Raimi suits with angled joints whereas the Raimi suits had curved legs. The emblem though looks to be the same as in ASM, we just don't see how far down the bottom four legs go in the pic.

Hope that helps.

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Posted By maxicere

Excellent !!!!!

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Posted By cameron83

@Peregrine said:

It looks too much like Toby Maguire's Spider-Man suit, liked the first ASM suit better, it was more original
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Posted By cameron83

@Icon said:

So they caved in to pressure and changed it back to the Tobey suit. Oh well, at least Sipder-man fans will be happy.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

This looks way bettter!

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Posted By G_Money_Christmas

I liked the first one better. This one is so unoriginal.

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Posted By TorontRayne

I like it a lot. The eyes sold me on it in a heartbeat.

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Posted By cameron83

I liked and I think I preferred the original costume they had.Far better than the crappy tobey-look in my opinion...then again I haven't seen the rest of it.But I liked the idea of how the original looked like "it was made by a teen".I would hate if it looks like the goofy,big eyed bug.And again,I haven't seen the entire costume.I just hope that they add their own unique touches that blend well with the costume and make it look as awesome as the first.Maybe even better.But if it just looks crappy and like from the original comics,or like the ult. spiderman costume,then I'm gonna be pissed.I hate that costume,I still hope this new costume looks as vibrant and new and original like the first one,rather than the tobey one.Then again,as said,I haven't seen the rest of the costume.

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Posted By Fetts

I'm liking it!

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Posted By Black_Claw

Well it's good to know the costume looks more like the one we know and love. Now show me some photos of Electro and Rhino if you please Mr. Webb.

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Posted By Nefarious

I love it.

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Posted By Fantasgasmic

I dunno. It looks almost identical to the Raimi movie Spiderman suits. :-/

@The Stegman said:

I love how big the eyes are! Reminds me of Ultimate Petey!

Obviously you mean the Todd McFarlane era Spidey

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Posted By mightypug78

nothing wrong with old school, sometimes it's better. i like the 2nd one better.

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Posted By Kiltro95

Way better it looks like he can actually breathe in this one and less like it was made out of 20 basketballs.

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Posted By SpidermanWins

I flippin love the eyes.

Hope they keep the hand design from the ASM version

Love how much smoother it looks compared to Raimi's

Looks perfect, now if they can just make his eyes do expressions....

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@Icon said:

So they caved in to pressure and changed it back to the Tobey suit. Oh well, at least Sipder-man fans will be happy.

This was my thoughts. I'd have liked to see a different Spider-emblem tbh but its still better than the first one.

If Webb really wants to make me happy THIS is what I want to see! No modifications of modernizing just THIS:

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Posted By DarklyDreamingDeadpool

amazing spider-man was crap and this will be ultracrap. foxx as electro and this beachboy as peter?

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Posted By Perfect 10

one thing i love about spider-man movies we always get new villains. say what you will about the movies themselves but at least its not repetitive crap like some movies (magneto, lex luthor, etc). i look at it this way. peter makes his own costumes. instead of being mad at the changes think of it in a realistic way. how many times have you made a costume by hand might i add? the costume in the first movie was his trail run. now with more experience and maybe some new material can improve upon the original model

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Posted By Teerack

Looks spectacular!

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Posted By krexxxx4

The symbol looks very similar to Sam Raimi's spidey film series' symbol

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Posted By ectoborge

Clearly Photoshoped

Cross reference it with the first Spider-Man movie's costume and the eye-piece Mark Web Tweeted

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Posted By MB25

This looks fantastic!!

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Posted By iancoderre3

Best Spidey costume ever! Looks like it popped right out of the comic book itself.

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Posted By t84nightfall

I like it a lot better, because if you really think about it, it shows evolution. In the first movie, he was a high school student with not much experience in crafts, and had to make the costume from things he could find from around his house. The new one shows the evolution of his skill as a hero now, because I imagine this is taking place at least 1-2 years after the events of "Amazing Spider-Man 1" so the new costume shows that he has more experience and can actually make a more competent, flashy costume. I hope that the change of his costume is somehow integrated into the movie, and they don't just change it and ignore the fact it was changed.