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First Look at Spidey's Costume in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Come check out the changes Peter has made to his attire!

We've been getting plenty of news about Spider-Man's next film. We now know it'll include Rhino, Electro, Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn. Additionally, director Marc Webb has been tweeting from the set everyday with little hints to keep us guessing, too. But now over at, we have an official look at Peter Parker's new costume.

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Wow, I really like these changes. The modifications to webhead's costume definitely feel closer to the source material and less... well, alien-ish. In case the old costume is a bit blurry in your memory, below I have a side-by-side comparison of the new costume and the one used in The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Viners, are you a fan of this new costume or did you prefer the unique feel of the first outfit? Speak your mind below. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to hit theaters May 2, 2014.


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Posted By Lone_Wolf_and_Cub


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Posted By Mucklefluga

Hopefully the film will be as good as the costume! Wasn't a fan of the first one.

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Posted By Vincent92

looks like ultimate spider-man to me

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Posted By The Stegman

I love how big the eyes are! Reminds me of Ultimate Petey! 

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Posted By Lt_Cmdr_Kicker

How underwhelming.. -______-

I figured they would have made it more unique, now it appears like the one from the comics..

Mr. Webb should have went with the superior spiderman suit or at least tried to upgrade the one from the 1st movie..


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Posted By cosmo111687

The new one is perfect.

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Posted By Peregrine

It looks too much like Toby Maguire's Spider-Man suit, liked the first ASM suit better, it was more original

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Posted By PunyParker
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Posted By Trodorne

@Vincent92: @The Stegman: You do realize that despite being called Amazing Spider-man that the films are more loosely based on the Ultimate Comics.

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Posted By Fuchsia_Nightingale

Cool !

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Posted By jack16ichigo

From what I can see they've basically done everything I wanted to change about the costume :D I'm glad they've gone to a more classic spidey look,it was the main thing that bothered me in the first film.

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Posted By UltimateSMfan

@Vincent92 said:

looks like ultimate spider-man to me

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Posted By the_tree

Looks great! It reminds me of what an Ultimate version of Raimi's would look like.

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Posted By ptigrusmagus

Looks like what would come to mind for "generic Spider-Man suit"

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Posted By danhimself

Love the eyes!

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Posted By Vincent92

@Trodorne: i know, i used to read the issues

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Posted By impossibilly

That looks terrific. I can't wait to see the whole costume.

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Posted By The Stegman
@Trodorne: Ehh, I'd say loosely based is the correct wording alright, it has some aspects of Ultimate Spidey. 
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Posted By Icon

So they caved in to pressure and changed it back to the Tobey suit. Oh well, at least Sipder-man fans will be happy.

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Posted By CptPanda29


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Posted By Sakurafire

The thing I like about ASM1's Spider-man costume is that it looked homemade. (Though he was extremely lucky to find something that looks like WEB print.)

Also, as other people had mentioned, it also looks like the Toby McGuire suit. Weren't we done with that triolgy?

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Posted By viin

the eye piece looks awesome compared to the first movie

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Posted By z3ro180

I'm likening the new design for ASM2 much better than the last one and ten times better than the Sam rami movies costume.

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Posted By TheBlueAngel93


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Posted By Overlander

I liked the costume from the first Amazing Spider-Man film better. But the costume concerns me less than anything story related in the new movie.

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Posted By ULTRAstarkiller

Looks just like toby spidey suit love it.

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Posted By VeganDiet

I really like the first movie costume, but I'll always prefer the classic look.

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Posted By TheHeat

Looks great ! I love that they kept the spider design from the 1st movie.

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Posted By Alcamin

Despite liking the suit in the first movie, for the most part, it is nice to see a more classic design return for the sequel. Looks good. I look forward to seeing more.

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Posted By Smurfboy

The eyes definitely looks better! I loved it!

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Edited By Pyro_Jack

Really cool! But i hope they keep the shoes...

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Posted By Mrfuzzynutz

wow, great mask, but if it's anything like the first movie, we will only see it on Peter for 7 minutes hahaha

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Posted By zombietag

i like the eyes

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Edited By ArtisticNeedham

Looks awesome. I love it. the costume was one of my few problems with the film. Also how Peter sort of acted like James Dean a little, but thats sort of how he acted in the original comics. Sort of this loner rebel type. But this costume is so cool. I would buy a doll of this. But why suddenly change it back to the old Tobey costume?

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Posted By regrivett

So, what happens to his old costume? Does he just keep it in the closet?

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Posted By kingjoeg

that looks awesome

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Posted By Jorgevy

@Alcamin said:

Despite liking the suit in the first movie, for the most part, it is nice to see a more classic design return for the sequel. Looks good. I look forward to seeing more.

@Pyro_Jack said:

Really cool! But i hope they keep the shoes...

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Posted By CrashBang

It really highlights how frightfully god-awful the first one was.

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Posted By GreenFuse

Love it. Now for the most important question on everyone's mind: Will this new spidey suit continue to accentuate Garfield's bum?

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Posted By TDK_1997

Looks cool.

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Posted By ltbrd

I think its a good thematic choice going into the second film. The first film pushed heavily on the idea of Peter's pain and anger at the abandonment by his parents and then the death of Uncle the darker and more "alien" (to use someone else's words) look of the suit made sense as it reflected Peter's emotions. At the end of ASM the tone lightened with the voicemail from Ben and the prospect of he and Gwen continuing their relationship.

So would expect that the second film would have a lighter feel at the start as Peter has gotten used to his role as Spider-Man and the city has also accepted him to a degree. So we'd expect him to be happier at the start. So the change to a brighter costume makes a good deal of sense, thematically.

As for the design as a whole......I don't mind them moving back to a more traditional look if they keep the design of the gloves and boots from ASM. I thought those were nice design tweaks and helped give the suit a good blend of different Spider-Man looks. But I didn't like the oblonged chest section going down to the groin. It just didn't work with the small red line around the waist. The waist could be reduced so it doesn't take up as much torso space as it does in the comics, but I think it would look better if it all connected rather than be segmented.

Personally I'd like to see a belt.....not like the one in the ASM game that was red and blue. That looked horrible. But something that was thin and metallic like the trim of the boots I think would look cool and break-up the suit a bit more especially if they don't go with the traditional waist loop from the comics.

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Posted By Gambit1024

I love it

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Posted By Vitaeleous

I've got to say, those eyes are pretty spectacular. On the whole Ultimate debate, I think the way they have Garfield playing Pete echoes the Ultimate comics pretty strongly, and the introduction of Gwen right from the get-go leads me to wonder if we'll see an Ultimate Carnage storyline play out on the screen. I think I'd be cool with that. But, we've seen them break from tradition with the lizard design work and there's been no mention of MJ as of yet so the best we can say is loosely based, drawing from many sources in an attempt to keep all of us happy. Which, as we know, is impossible.

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Posted By Tony_Shark

It actually looks like Spider-Man. Tobey McGuire's version was too buff!

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Posted By BritishMonkey

It looks good. I like it.

Now to see it in motion.

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Posted By LeaderVladimir

Nice! It looks like the costumes from Web of Shadows and Ultimate Alliance.

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Posted By Vitaeleous

@ltbrd: I Like the way you think. Solid analysis, really well put. You have a really good point as to the City's acceptance of him as a hero; I have a hunch we'll see a New York where the people love him but the NYPD, with the death of their chief, are trying to crack down on him as a vigilante. They created some really great tension with the police and Spidey in the first film, and I hope they'll continue playing with that dynamic.

Interesting, too, that we haven't seen the Daily Bugle connection yet. If we're running with this idea of city image and popularity being brought to prominence, then perhaps we can hope to see Jonah Jameson make an appearance. though, i don't really see how they could top his character from the past films. Kinda nailed it there.

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Posted By GodDamnIronMan

Looks great!!! totally gets the feel of Parker..

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Posted By lvenger

A nice mix of 616 and Ultimate costume aspects in the final product. I like the big eyes and the spider insignia. Very impressive!

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Posted By cmaprice

I did like the suit in the ASM, but seeing it more classically styled does warm my heart.