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First Look: Aspen Comics' Broken Pieces

What happens when you lose it all?

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Losing everything that is important to you sounds like not so much fun- but when it comes to comic books and storytelling, we can't ignore the fact that some good old fashioned conflict can lead to a very interesting storyline. 
Since their announcement at San Diego Comic-Con last year, Aspen Comics has been gearing up for the release of their brand new mini-series, 'Broken Pieces.' Issue #0 of the six issue mini-series will hit comic store shelves this August and is written by Mark Roslan, and beautifully illustrated by little known artist Micah Kaneshiro. If the art for this new mini series is as gorgeous as the work Kaneshiro has up on his blog,  then we are certainly in for a treat. In addition to the exclusive cover Aspen, sent over to Comic Vine, we also got a teaser trailer for the new series, posted below. 
While we may not know much about the new series, we do know that the premise deals with some serious stuff going down in the afterlife based on the description; "what is lost in life, is found in death." This reminds me of the the Greek Myth involving Orpheus and Eurydice...What do you think of the trailer? Does the story sound like something that would interest you?  Let us know what you think!