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Final Watchmen Poster Revealed

The last of the many Watchmen posters prepares for the movies release.

It seems like it's been a few days since there's been anything to report on the Watchmen movie.  There has been many posters released already.  You can see them in the Watchmen Movie Gallery.  The final poster is out.  We're just over a month until the movie is released.   Here is the final poster:

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It's kind of a let down in my opinion.  It just feels like a generic average movie poster.  It just feels like random character images pasted together.  I suppose this one is for the average movie goer that may not be fully aware of its comic roots.  I'm not sure what I would've rather had but something with a little more oomph would have been nice.  Which poster is your favorite?

Now when do the movie tickets go on sale?