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Favorite Movies: The Avengers vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Both are often considered the top Marvel Studios projects, but do you have a preference between these two comic book movies? Come vote in our poll!

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While discussing Marvel Studios' movies, two are commonly named the top ones: the big team-up movie, The Avengers, and the latest effort, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It's more than safe to say a majority of us adore these two movies and for completely different reasons, as well.

Director Joss Whedon's movie was all about spectacle and comedy. The dynamic and banter between teammates was put from and center and there was plenty of fan service as these popular characters fought against each other and eventually joined forces for a thrilling conclusion. Meanwhile, the Russo brothers' sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger presented one of the most serious and focused chapters that we've yet to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, jokes were sprinkled in at just the right moments, but overall, the story set out to change the world these character live in and give a strong insight into a few characters. And, just like The Avengers, it certainly had its share of big action scenes, too.

Both are mandatory viewing for any Marvel fan, but we want to know which one you prefer and why. And even if you think you can't choose, we have a "love both" option. We'd prefer if you take the time to really compare and contrast the movies' strengths and weaknesses, but if you really can't choose, then the option is there for you!


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There's no need to make up your mind just yet, voters. The poll will stay open until Friday morning (ET), so that gives you more than enough time to reflect on these two awesome Marvel Studios movies.

After you cast you vote, don't forget to leap into the comments and share your thoughts with us. Why did you vote a certain way? Is it because of the story? How a character was handled? Perhaps you loved an action scene? We want to hear from you! Make the post entertaining enough and there's a chance we'll highlight it in Friday's article. That said, if you do want your post to be considered, please try to be concise and share your thoughts in a few paragraphs at most. So, will this be a close poll or will one project smash the other? Think about it and then vote!

Avengers poster by Tyler Stout; Cap 2 poster by Rich Kelly
Avengers poster by Tyler Stout; Cap 2 poster by Rich Kelly

Check the homepage this Friday to see how the voting ends up and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or tell us via Twitter.