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Favorite Comic Runs: Stan Lee's THE X-MEN vs. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

The Children of the Atom's debut or Peter Parker's early adventures?

Stan "The Man" Lee is known for co-creating a whole lot of popular Marvel characters. These fictional heroes and villains have not only endured the decades, but many have also managed to adapt and thrive with the times. However, this week, we want to chat about two of his classic runs: THE X-MEN and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Yes, we considered his FANTASTIC FOUR (especially since it's longer than his time with Cyclops and company), but truthfully, we regularly see the X-Men receive far more love than Marvel's first family in the forums. Besides, writers can appear in the segment more than once, so if the iconic writer does return to the segment, it's very likely we'll place that against something else!

Will you side with Lee's legendary introduction of the Children of the Atom and their foes? Or will the X-Men stand no chance against Lee's iconic run with Peter Parker? Guess what? We're letting you pick the winner. You know, because we're kind like that. When you're ready, check out the link below and cast your vote, true believer! Sorry, had to say it at least once.


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Not sure which run will earn your vote just yet? Well, there's no need to worry or rush because voting is open until Friday morning (ET). That should be more than enough time to dive back into these classic books and determine which one you dig more.

Last but not least, everyone say "the world is a better place with you in it" to the Comic Viner dagmar_merrill. Why give this person such an absurd amount of praise, you ask? It's because they were the first person to correctly guess this week's match-up based on Friday's teaser. Great job being a total boss, dagmar_merrill.

Check the homepage on Friday to see which takes the prize and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or tell us via Twitter.