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Favorite Comic Runs: Scott Snyder's The Black Mirror vs. Death of the Family

If you had to side with one of these Batman stories, which would you pick and why? Come cast your vote and speak your mind on these two storylines by Scott Snyder!

Scott Snyder continues to create a whole new mythos for Batman with Zero Year, but this week, we want to look back at the creative writer's work with the iconic character. In the latest edition of 'Favorite Comic Runs,' we're placing Snyder's brilliant pre-52 story, The Black Mirror, against his gripping story in the New 52, Death of the Family. Will you side with the Joker's plan to tear Bruce Wayne's family apart or will you support the arc that puts Dick Grayson's detective abilities to the test? And yes, this is only taking into account the Death of the Family issues that are written by Snyder!


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The poll is open until Friday morning (ET). That should give you plenty of time to think this one through and then vote, right? And if you haven't read either story, you now have about four days to rectify that mistake. Or, you can be totally lazy and just vote for the "I haven't read either" option. The choice is yours, but voting for that option is really lame. After you vote, please jump into the comments and get your elaboration on. Give the winning story a good amount of love and there's a chance we'll include it in Friday's article as the "Viner Post of the Week." Getting the post of the week isn't up there with winning a medal or anything like that, but it gives you a little bit of bragging rights!

Last but most definitely not least, give the Comic Viner space4rennt your praise in the comments below. They were the first person to correctly guess this match-up based on last week's teaser image. Well played, space4rennt.

Check the homepage on Friday to see which story won and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or via Twitter.