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Favorite Comic Runs RESULTS: Matt Fraction's HAWKEYE vs. THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST

Do we have our first tie? Have these two stories received an equal amount of love and have now merged to become THE IMMORTAL HAWKGUY FIST? Come check out the poll results and see if you can guess what next week's match-up will be!

Matt Fraction has quite the resume, however, we wanted to shine the spotlight on two of his books we really, really, reaaaaaally love: HAWKEYE and THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST. For both of these superb books, Fraction collaborated with the exceptionally talented David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth to create some truly impressive and immersive stories. Well, it turns out the race between these two options is the closest one 'Favorite Comic Runs' has yet to have! Throughout the week, the poll remained neck and neck, each book temporarily earning a lead before it shifted back to a tie. The voting is now over and one story took an incredibly narrow lead: THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST!


Danny Rand's epic barely took the lead over Clint Barton's story, earning 44% while the archer received 42%. Meanwhile, 15% shamefully admitted they haven't read either of this books. If you're part of that 15%, I strongly consider fixing that mistake. Look, THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST has an omnibus and HAWKEYE already has a couple of trades available. It's very easy to get access to these excellent books, so you should probably look into that sometime soon, okay?

As much as I'm loving Fraction and Aja's HAWKEYE, I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised by this result. It was great watching the race remain so close, but in the end, Danny Rand's adventure is without question one of my favorite reads and it's great to see so many others love it just as much, if not more, than I do. So, why is the THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST awesome enough to take the victory over the current HAWKEYE run? For starters, it's truly epic. Not only did Fraction (while collaborating with Ed Brubaker) put a great amount of focus on Iron Fist, but he also took absolutely massive steps to expand his mythos and create an alluring world that's full of wonder and excitement. On top of that, a strong supporting cast was implimented and the story was a total blast. Like martial arts, fantasy, or epic tales? Then stop what you're doing and read (or reread) this story! "But I've never been an Iron Fist fan!" Well, I guarantee this book will turn you into one.

Viner Post for THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST is by Jonny_Anonymous

"I voted the Immortal Iron Fist. As much as I love Hawkeye I think Fractions run on Iron Fist is probably his greatest work to date. He took everything you have ever loved about superheroes and 70s Martial Art films and married them in a way that results in perfection. Immortal Iron First is hilarious, action packed, heart breaking and at times kinda scarey. The world of Iron Fist has never had so much development since his original introduction in the 70s. Fraction massively expanded on K'un Lun and the other Capital Cities of Heaven as well as introducing the Immortal Weapons. He also expanded the legacy of the Iron Fist itself by introducing the past 66 Living Weapons that held the title before Danny and in doing so created possibly the biggest badass in the Marvel Universe, Orson Randall."

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Viner Post for HAWKEYE is by impossibilly

"Both are great series, but my vote goes to Hawkeye. I feel like Fraction and Aja have perfected with Hawkeye what they did so great in Iron Fist."

So there you have it, Viners. Danny Rand's adventure may have won the race, but one thing is clear: people have a whole lot of love for both of these Fraction titles and understandably so.

What's that in the distance? Could it be...? YES! It's a teaser for the next edition of 'Favorite Comic Runs!' We've taken a small sample of the image we'll use in Monday's article. It's two covers, both for work by the same writer, but can you identify both of them before your fellow Viners? Be the first to get it correct and we'll be sure to give you some praise in Monday's article. Ready? Set? Let the guessing games begin!

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