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One of these Logan stories has slashed apart its competition. Come see why the winning tale received so much praise!

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Wolverine has a long list of must read comic books. From his first limited series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller to his time with Jason Aaron, there's a massive amount of James Howlett stories that are well worth your attention. However, two of Mark Millar's more recent story arcs are often listed near the top of the list: Old Man Logan and Enemy of the State.

Old Man Logan threw us into a terrible future where the heroes have lost and the villains have claimed total control. Considering the bleak state of things and a tragic event that happened in his past, Wolverine has given up -- he wants to stay out of the spotlight and live a simple, ordinary life. However, when that's taken away from him, he needs to go on a journey (with a blind Hawkeye!) across this twisted landscape and it's one that many readers fell in love with. Meanwhile, Enemy of the State feels like a blockbuster movie. It's full of big action as Wolverine's mind is manipulated and he's forced to fight several familiar faces including Thing, Elektra, and Daredevil. It's hugely entertaining and introduces the ridiculously dangerous Gorgon to the Marvel 616 universe. And, of course, different artists (Steve McNiven and John Romita Jr) means the two tales are sporting entirely different visual experiences.

Both storylines are highly recommended, but which one does the community prefer? The Comic Vine crowd has been voting and chatting about this match since Monday, and one of these stories was able to pop its claws and slice apart the competition. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner is...

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We've all seen Logan attempt to control his aggression, but Old Man Logan brought it to a whole new level. The reasoning behind his refusal to pop his claws was an emotional jaw-dropper and seeing this version of the mutant -- one that has basically thrown in the towel -- placed in such a vicious world was a gripping experience which left us wondering when he'll finally break out those infamous claws. All in all, it's a character study placed in an absurdly exciting and savage setting. You can really tell Millar and McNiven had a whole lot of fun coming up with new obstacles for Logan to face and then brought them into the panels in a thoroughly entertaining fashion. I mean, who can forget James Howlett's encounter with a certain Captain America villain?!

Old Man Logan dominated the poll, but quite a few voters said it was a tough call for them to make. And to the 13% that hasn't read either, we sincerely hope this has motivated you to at least check out Old Man Logan! Read on to see what some Comic Viners had to say about these Millar stories.

  • Old Man Logan 60%
  • Enemy of the State 16%
  • It brings me great shame to admit I haven't read both and won't be able to before Friday 13%
  • Sorry, I'm not a fan of either story 6%
  • I can't choose... I like them both equally! 5%
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"Enemy of the State is the first Wolverine story I fell in love with. It's incredibly fun and entertaining, but also serves to flesh out Logan as a character and add to his mythos. JRJR brings his A-game, and Millar isn't afraid to break the plot up with engaging and dynamic action sequences. Also...The Gorgon. That is all.

So yeah, it gets my vote."


"Old man Logan!! Hands Down!!! "Enemy of the State" was a great story. Visceral, action packed, and with some breathtaking art by John Romita Jr., especially the massive fight scenes with Logan taking on whole armies of characters. Definitely one of the quintessential "Wolverine Goes Berserk!!" stories. Him not being in control, but knowing what he was doing was a good twist and added to the story. "Old Man Logan" however is just epic. In scope, in story, in it's art, and it's action. The twisted villain ruled world is as much a character as the main protagonist, and the "Road Trip" feel to the story added some needed levity, to some rather dark storytelling. It most definitely is a character driven story, and we get to see a side of Logan that is rarely glimpsed. It's also a truly tragic story as well. Finding out what actually broke him, and caused him to never pop his claws again is truly heartbreaking for readers because we know what it meant to him. This is why later, when Logan finally does, and The Wolverine is let loose again it is a glorious and anticipated moment. The final battle is not to be missed!! Also this is one of the few alternate future stories I really wanted to see more of. The end had a "Lonewolf and Cub" feel, and I could easily see Millar writing a story like that in this world, with Logan gathering up a new team to take down what's left of the villains. I has similar aspirations for Kaare Andrews' "Spider-Man: Reign," which was also very good."

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"Old Man Logan was just such a great story from start to end being almost cinematic in it's format. Still the best Wolverine story I've ever read."


"Both stories are must read for any fan of Logan!!! I voted EotS even though I love both. I for sure liked the art in Old Man Logan better and I love the post apocalyptic aspect of it. I also got a kick out of the Hulk family, but EotS imo was a more fun read. I loved seeing a brainwashed Logan take on various heroes from F4 to Elektra. The Gorgon was an absolute beast and his final fight with Logan was amazing and even though Gorgon pretty much beat Logan's a$$ for most of that fight it really showed off Wolvie's durability, resiliency, and his thinking on his feet the way the fight ended."

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Now for the tough part, Viners. Do you have a favorite scene from either of these stories? If you can eventually pick one, go ahead and share it with the community below. Please remember to use spoiler tags if needed! Also, don't forget to check the homepage next Monday for a new edition of this segment. If you want to suggest a future match-up (it can be comics, TV shows, movies, or video games), tell us below or reach out via twitter.