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Favorite Comic Runs: Geoff Johns' FLASHPOINT vs. SINESTRO CORPS WAR

The Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment wrote these two massive stories for Flash and Green Lantern, but which do you like more and why? Come cast your vote and speak your mind!

Geoff Johns of sector 2814, you have the ability to create great stories. Welcome to the Favorite Comic Runs segment.

SINESTRO CORPS WAR spread a vicious and bloody war across the cosmos. FLASHPOINT literally changed the entire DC universe and was even the inspiration for a DC animated movie. Both are absolutely huge in scope and packed with A-listers, but which Geoff Johns' event do you enjoy more? Will his work with artist Andy Kubert race to victory in the poll or will Thaal Sinestro refuse to suffer defeat? Prepare to choose, Viners.


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Still haven't read either of these epics or do you want to reread them? Well, that won't be a problem! The poll is open until Friday morning (ET). That's more than enough time to think this through and pick a side, right? Also, this gives you plenty of time to convince others why one story deserves to take the victory. And if you think the poll isn't going the way it should, you have a few days to spread the word and bring in more voters. Needless to say, there's an adequate amount of time for the poll to fluctuate. Finally, if your post is legitimately full of win, there's a chance we'll highlight it in Friday's article as the "Viner Post of the Week." One will be selected for each story, so have fun getting your elaboration on!

Last but not least, everyone say "you rock, Squalleon!" Why, you ask? Well, Squalleon was the first person to correctly guess this week's match-up (based on the teaser in Friday's article). Way to be awesome, Squalleon.

Check the homepage on Friday to see which story won and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or via Twitter.