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Favorite Comic Runs: Gail Simone's BATGIRL or SECRET SIX?

A new segment appears! This week, we're praising Gail Simone's work, but which do you prefer and why? Come vote in the poll and speak your mind!

Welcome to a brand new weekly segment, Viners! Every week, we're going to select one talented writer and give some love to two of their famous pieces of work -- be it an entire run or just an iconic storyline. For the segment's debut, we're going to highlight two books Gail Simone is known for: SECRET SIX and her current run on BATGIRL. Do you prefer one over the other? Do you love them equally? Are you not a fan or haven't read either? Head to the poll to vote and discuss it!


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Voting is open until Friday morning (ET). That should give you plenty of time to think about it or even reread some of the comics, right?

Friday's article will include:

  • The poll's results.
  • A "Viner Post of the Week" made for each series.
  • Thoughts from the staff.
  • Other work we recommend by the writer.
  • A tease for next week's writer.

Feel free to make future title suggestions in the comments below or via Gregg's Twitter page.