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Favorite Comic Runs: Chris Claremont's DAYS OF FUTURE PAST vs. WOLVERINE

The Sentinel-filled future or Wolverine's trip to Japan? Come cast your vote for one of these classic Claremont tales!

Welcome to the Favorite Comic Runs' spotlight, Chris Claremont!

The writer is well-known for his time with the X-Men and has produced more than a handful of must read stories about the mutants. This week, however, we wanted to be a little topical. Seeing as X-Men: Days of Future Past is opening soon and The Wolverine was Fox's most recent X-Men movie, why not have some fun chatting about the source material that inspired both of them?

Collaborating with Frank Miller, Claremont released WOLVERINE in 1982. The four-issue mini-series aimed to expand how we view James Howlett while also doing a great deal to expand his mythos. Plus, the fights with Lord Shingen were simply awesome. A year before Logan's solo adventure was released, a two-issue story arc called Days of Future Past began in THE UNCANNY X-MEN. Working with John Byrne, the two-part epic centered around Kitty Pryde and unveiled a dark future where mutants are constantly hunted by Sentinels. Pryde goes back in time in an attempt to stop the incident that kicked off the path to this twisted, violent and bleak future. Needless to say, these are both must read stories for any and all X-Men fans, but which one do you prefer and why?


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Still haven't read either of these X-Men stories or do you want to reread them before picking a winner? Well, that's not a problem at all. The poll is open until Friday morning (ET). That's plenty of time to give this a proper amount of thought and pick a side, right? I mean, we are talking about six issues, after all. This also gives you more than enough time to convince others why you believe one of these Claremont stories deserves to earn the victory. If you think the poll isn't going the way it should, you have a few days to spread the word and bring in more voters. So yeah, there's absolutely an adequate amount of time for the poll to fluctuate. Lastly, if your post is legitimately full of fantasticness, there's a chance we'll highlight it in Friday's article as the "Viner Post of the Week." One will be selected for each story, so you better get your elaboration on if you want your post to be considered.

On the count of three, everyone say, "way to go, Billy!" Why, you ask? Because the Comic Viner Billy Batson was the first person to correctly identify this week's match-up based on the small teaser we posted in Friday's article. Ready? One... two... three!

Check the homepage on Friday to see which story won and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or via Twitter.

Avatar image for revive
Posted By Revive

Wolverine is the far better story of the two imo. I wouldn't consider either of them Claremont's best though.

Avatar image for k4tzm4n
Edited By k4tzm4n

2 big X-Men stories and only 121 votes? Step it up, Comic Vine.

Avatar image for timelordscience
Posted By TimeLordScience

Maybe I'm alone but I thought Days of Future Past was way overhyped. I think people need to take their nostalgia glasses off.

Avatar image for zombietag
Posted By zombietag

this is tough, but its hard to beat frank miller on wolverine

Avatar image for sovereign91001
Posted By Sovereign91001

Although Wolveriene is an awesome character defining story. Days of Future Past was lightning in a bottle that (despite Marvel trying over and over) has never been captured again, plus it introduced Rachel into the franchise, Days for me.

Avatar image for tximinoman
Posted By tximinoman

This is a tough one. Two great storylines from the best writer the X-Men ever had.

Avatar image for longbowhunter
Edited By longbowhunter

Well this is a first. I haven't read either. Shame on me.

Avatar image for mrmazz
Posted By MrMazz

o this is a tough one, each story has major significance Wolverine essentially turned the character into a made man, the other is among the best stories told in that franchise.

Overall importance for the medium, I think it goes to Days of Future Past.

Avatar image for donfelipe
Posted By DonFelipe

There's always one story I have read and one that I haven't and somehow I don't think I should vote then. Hmm.

Avatar image for billy_batson
Posted By Billy Batson
Avatar image for overlander
Posted By Overlander

As much as I enjoyed seeing Wolverine get annihilated by a sentinel in DoFP, I enjoyed his story in his self-titled volume more. There was more character development and stronger storytelling in my opinion.

Avatar image for granitesoldier
Posted By GraniteSoldier

I've only read Days of Future Past out of these two, and it was an excellent story.

Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Posted By Jonny_Anonymous