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Fantastic Four #588—The Final Issue

Why will this be the final issue? Is this the end for the team?

With the death of a member of the Fantastic Four, the series is about to end. We know there will be an FF series but it looks like there will not be a Fantastic Four. Why is this? Can't the team continue with someone else? Would replacing the fallen hero simply be too painful? 
Marvel has released the following image from the final issue of Fantastic Four. 

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Rated A …$3.99
FOC – 1/31/11, On Sale 2/23/11 
What do you think happens next? 


Here's a look at some of the pages. 

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Avatar image for andyphifer
Posted By AndyPhifer

Hickman is kinda one of the best thing Marvel has going right now, isn't he? His strength in creating large storylines is huge.
Avatar image for darkchild
Posted By Darkchild

Seeing Fr@nklin s@y th@t "Uncle Johnny died" god d@mmit, te@ring up once more lol. 
He went out with honor fighting to keep his f@mily safe. I just remember Bens f@ce, omg so s@d

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Posted By gmanfromheck

Original post has been updated with some comic pages if you haven't seen them yet.

Avatar image for shawn87
Posted By shawn87

liking the art....cant wait to read this

Avatar image for joe_venom
Edited By Joe Venom

Spiderman drops Franklin ridding the world of an omega class mutant saying something like, "Didn't you get the memo 'No more mutants'"
I can't wait to read this issue whether he (Johnny) died or not the fallout will be crazy!

Avatar image for mrfantastic
Edited By MrFantastic

 @TheMadMonkey said:
" Johnny isn't dead. Hickman left it wide open to bring him back. When we last see Johnny, the Negative Zone hoards have descended upon him.  Then the portal closes before we can see what happens next. The easiest thing to do was say that Johnny waited until the last possible second and went super-nova on them. "

I have to agree.  Johnny was overwhelmed, not decapitated. He was not ripped in half like Ares or Vision. He was not impaled on Bastion's arm. Johnny had at least one more supernova left in him. Closing the gate to save his family was a noble act, but not a final act.
Annihilus has better things to do Reed Richards' brother-in-law that let his minions eat him. He could be traded for something... like a cosmic control rod.  I see a field trip to the Negative Zone in the FF's future.

Avatar image for evodmasters
Posted By evodmasters

Marvel, please stop killing people.

Avatar image for andrea_mendoza1997
Posted By andrea_mendoza1997

Totally not happy about Johnny getting killed

Avatar image for niesa
Posted By Niesa

Aw. Seeeee, this is why Spider-Man is my dream babydaddy. He's so good with kids. 
Avatar image for super_adaptoid

I hope Franklin develops his powers and takes up the spot but to me it doesnt really matter as I believe Johnny will be back in a few issues.

Avatar image for zapa
Posted By Zapa
" I hope Franklin develops his powers and takes up the spot but to me it doesnt really matter as I believe Johnny will be back in a few issues. "
me too ;)
Avatar image for jakob187
Posted By jakob187

I hope they bring Johnny a villain.  That'd be AWESOME!

Avatar image for eyz
Posted By Eyz
@Zapa said:
" I hope Franklin develops his powers and takes up the spot but to me it doesnt really matter as I believe Johnny will be back in a few issues. "
me too ;) "
...or he will be back on time for that rumoured Fantastic Four rebooted movie.
Anyway, I see they're using a Spidey-guest in that issue, to be sure to sell the max. issues.
(maybe they'll add in Wolverine in there as well?)
Avatar image for black_lantern_mar_vell
Posted By Black Lantern Mar-vell

Just replace Johnny with Jim Hammond and you have your Human Torch back!

Avatar image for mewmdude77
Posted By mewmdude77

Maybe after Spider-Man gives Franklin a talk about power and responsibility, He will swing Franklin back home and Franklin will convince his parents to get Spidey as the replacement!! Here's hoping for that!!!

Avatar image for gridlock464
Posted By gridlock464

In March Marvel is rolling a new book that is just titled FF, Hickman’s run on FF has been amazing. Shortly after he took over the book he said he wanted to get the comic back to being about a family again, that not only had the FF but the entire marvel universe had become Reed centric.       

Avatar image for zaber
Posted By Zaber

what a shock
Avatar image for blackpookie
Posted By BlackPookie




iit looks promising!!!
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Posted By deactivated-5a162dd41dd64

When someone who can change reality with less than a thought says he 'keeps having bad thoughts', it's time to panic.

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