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Fantastic Four #570, New Creative Team, Are You On Board?

G-Man checks out the new direction for the Fantastic Four.

For some reason it seems the Fantastic Four don't get a lot of love.  I think (and hope) that people respect them and their place in the Marvel Universe.  If you think about it, they do what very few other heroes do.  They fight crime without secret identities.  Why is it that they can manage to juggle the superhero activities along with their families?
After the roller coaster ride that Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch gave us, we have a new creative team.  Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham are taking over.  Have you checked it out?

Now that Reed is meeting with this "Council of Reeds" what's going to come out of this?  Reed has sometimes had questionable motives.  Should he try to save the world?  What about these other Reeds?  Do we know what their true intentions are?  If you seen the image of the 'leaders' of the council, it's kind of a scary image.  
If you're reading or not reading Fantastic Four, why is that?  What is it that you like or don't like?  What do you think of this new direction?  Do you think this will change the future of the team or will this only last until the next creative team takes over?