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Familiar Faces Appear in BATMAN BEYOND #2--Will They Survive?

The new Batman Beyond future isn't the safest place to be.

The new BATMAN BEYOND series is showing us the future has changed. Following the events of THE NEW 52: FUTURES END, some sacrifices and changes needed to be made in order to defeat Brother EYE. You should be aware of the changes, especially with the status quo of Batman Beyond. If not, be aware there will be some spoilers below.

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Terry McGinnis died during Futures End. Tim Drake (from a few years from now), took his place to fight Brother EYE and ended up about thirty years into his future. It turned out the fight against Brother EYE wasn't over yet. Tim discovers some of Terry's friends are being kept prisoner at a place called "The Lodge." After fighting a cyborg converted Superman, Tim's suit is shorted out and he finds his way inside.

This is where Tim comes across Barbara Gordon and Maxine Gibson.

In the prison, they have to keep on the run from to avoid being processed. They are powerless to help other prisoners around them. The time to catch up is short-lived as their hiding spot is soon discovered.

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Maxine is captured and Tim is surprised that Barbara makes no move to try to help. She tells Tim he's the priority if he can get the out of there. He's becoming aware of just how bleak things are.

If things weren't bad enough, another familiar face.

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Tim gets a quick introduction to the villainous Inque. Barbara is surprised to discover Inque is working for the EYE. She mentions she's always been a "hired gun." Perhaps there's something more going on with her.

Tim does managed to finally power up his suit. But is it too late for Max and Barbara? Have they been brought in just so we could see their end?

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This may not be the Batman Beyond future we're used to but there's definitely plenty going on. We'll have to wait to see what the final fates of Barbara, Max, and even Tim will be. Be sure to check out the issue to see the whole story and you won't want to miss issue #3.