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Explosive Pics from the Captain America Set

See cars explode! See Peggy Carter fire a big gun! See Captain America's weird feet!

 Fake feet are freaky!
 Fake feet are freaky!

A little shot of super soldier serum and a dash of Vita rays will make you big and strong, sure... but does it also make the skin on your feet all rubbery? A big thumb’s up (for justice) to Ckal for bringing this batch of spy photos from the CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER set to our attention. These pics (collected from the likes of SHH and CBM) show Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell in action as Cap and his wartime gal, Peggy Carter, as they chase some Ratzi saboteurs through the busy streets of the city.  

GUNFIRE! EXPLOSIONS! FLESH-COLORED, FOOT-SHAPED BOOTS! Judging by how tight and dressed-down Chris “absurdly jacked” Evans’ clothes look, I concur with the assessment that this scene likely occurs immediately after the aborted Operation: Rebirth operation - - mere moments after the frail 4-H Steve Rogers is transformed into the bold, virile Captain America! 

Take a gander at these visions of the future... == TEASER ==   
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So what’s the deal with the feet? Seriously. I’d presume that those are for Evans (and his stunt double) to appear as if they’re running barefoot while still protecting their precious bunyans from all the hazards of urban black top. You know, nails, glass shards, germs and the like. As has been pointed out, this was actually used a lot for all the Hobbits in the LORD OF THE RINGS movies. Although, those were even grosser-looking on account of the fact that the shoes all had thick little patches of Hobbit hair on top.

Anyway, all these pics look like they’ll make for one visceral action set piece. Peggy chases after the saboteurs… a car blows up behind her… Cap comes to her rescue… and then he has to take up the chase again. You ought to check out this “window view” video for the British spectators’ rather amusing reaction to ‘splosion...    


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