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EXILED: Marvel's Next Mini-Crossover Event

Marvel announces their upcoming JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and NEW MUTANTS crossover launching this May.

Over the course of the next four days we will be seeing some more news from Marvel about some new things they have cooking up. Monday's live-blog event kicked off with a bang when Marvel revealed a new cross-over mini event titled 'Exiled' that will bring JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and NEW MUTANTS together. The event will take up five issues and will launch with a one-shot book titled EXILED.

'Exiled' event teaser by Stephanie Hans
'Exiled' event teaser by Stephanie Hans

The story will then bounce between the two titles and will be written by both Kieron Gillen and Andy Lanning. According to Gillen, the two books are connected because there is a shared history "between the New Mutants and Asgard." Marvel released a very cool spread illustrated by Stephanie Han (which can be seen above) to commemorate the 'Exiled' event. The book's interiors will be illustrated by artist Carmine Di Giandomenico.

Both writers agreed that the books share a common denominator: Asgard. According to Lanning, the New Mutants definitely have a history in Asgard which both writers felt needed to be expounded upon. However, rather than taking the story to Asgard, Lanning decided it might be best to bring it to Earth.

This developed quite quickly and quite easily given the long history of the New Mutants in Asgard. We wanted to bring that to Earth rather than take them back to Asgard. It's a little twist on how past stories have played out. There are some really cool reveals and surprises along the way that will hopefully play against type and expectation.

According to writer Andy Lanning, the five-issue event will act as a sort of "palette cleanser" for the Marvel Universe. If you love your Marvel books but are not very interested in reading the major "game-changing event" or you need a break from all the action promised by AVENGERS VS. X-MEN, then this mini-crossover might be right up your alley.

== TEASER ==

We are the palette cleanser for the big, universe-changing stuff and happy to be it. We're just telling some nice, fun, comic book stories...Trying to stop flesh eating zombies from destroying San Francisco is a riot!

Sounds like fun? The event will launch the month of May and will be a five-part weekly story that will start with the EXILED one-shot before moving to JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, to NEW MUTANTS back to JOURNEY and ending in NEW MUTANTS. Be sure to check out the event this May!

Source: MARVEL